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Colon tumor testimonial

In September of that year I started feeling really poorly and underwent emergency surgery for colon cancer. The diagnosis was: a tumor in my colon, a metastasized adenocarcinoma. In addition my blood test results were very weak with low levels of hemoglobin, iron and platelets. I was lucky to discover Mirko Beljanski’s plant extracts soon after and they have radically improved my blood results despite the chemotherapy. A stain on my lung also was soon gone.

 I underwent 2 courses of chemotherapy – one with 8 sessions and the second one with 6 sessions. Test results the next year did not show cancer presence in the liver or any lung spots. My oncologist did not understand what happened and suggested that some errors with the test results. Thanks to Mirko Beljanski’s plant extracts, I also did not suffer the side effects of chemotherapy and my hair loss was reduced to a minimum. Every month I was able to put on a kilogram (2 lbs) of body weight. 

During my first chemo session, my oncologist prescribed me various medications for the nausea and other side effects. I never took them and only continued with Mirko Beljanski’s plant extracts, to his amazement. The astonished doctors nicknamed me “the special patient”. I am now completely healed. My check-up results are good and my doctors told me I no longer require annual check-ups. The doctors still do not understand, as my prognosis was 2 years of life remaining at most, with chemotherapy. 

For 2 years I took Pao Pereira, Ginkgo Biloba and Rauwolfia Vomitoria every day, and RNA fragments every other day. 

Thank you Professor Belanski!