Breast Cancer Testimonial

Breast cancer treated with the Beljanski method

Following surgery for cancer in my right breast cancer, I had radiation sessions that left me with lifelong burns on my skin and very painful fibrosis. The flesh was so raw that it hurt to touch. And continually the scabs formed again, like a wound that never heals.

A few years later: kidney cancer, an inevitable intervention that subsequently prompted me to refuse compulsory treatment: having undergone a first mutilation, I was perfectly aware of the excessive care to come.

It was during this journey that I learned about the work of Professor Beljanski through Gérard Weidlich. I started using the GINKGO extract and my wound has closed, I can touch my skin again and my chest doesn’t hurt anymore.

I regret not having known the Beljanski extracts products earlier. I now have 36 years of hindsight, but unfortunately I did not know about these extracts until it was too late for our daughter, who passed away from cancer.

Now her and Gérard are in heaven where we hope that their will to lead a more humane medicine in the cure of so-called modern diseases will bring positive results.