breast and salivary gland cancer testimonial

Breast and Salivary Gland Cancer – Daniel D.

Effective for surgery and fighting the side effects of chemotherapy

My wife (48 years old) had triple-negative breast cancer in 2017. Very heavy chemotherapy, which caused vomiting, tingling in the extremities…

A friend told us about the Beljanski Foundation and recommended my wife to a naturopath in Lyon. We said to ourselves, why not try? So she took Pao pereira, Rauwolfia vomitoria, and RNA fragments in parallel with the chemotherapy protocol. And Ginkgo during the radiotherapy. When she returned from chemotherapy, she had no more nausea or fatigue; blood tests were good, and her morale was at its best. No burns due to radiotherapy. These extracts are essential to better support the effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy protocols.

On November 23, 2022, my wife (53 years old) had an operation for a pleomorphic adenoma (benign tumor affecting the salivary glands). As a result, she had facial paralysis for five days, was very hard to recover from, and had no strength.

The verdict came down on December 1, 2022, intermediate-stage malignant tumor. She will need six weeks of radiotherapy. Then, starting December 1st, she resumed Pao and Rauwolfia.

On January 25, 2023, she had a 4-hour operation: no side effects or facial paralysis. In good shape, the oncologist could not believe it.

On February 16, 2023, the oncologist announced that there was nothing left, nothing cancerous. So he decided to cancel the radiotherapy and to do checkups every three months.

I can say that Pao is also an anti-inflammatory. Therefore, it should be taken for any operation. My wife will continue to take Pao and Rauwolfia for prevention two to three times a year.

Thank you very much to Beljanski, and continue the work of Dr. Mirko Beljanski. We met Sylvie Beljanski at the conference in Dijon in February 2023, which reassured us even more about the extracts. Thanks again to the team.

~ Daniel D.