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Brain cancer testimonial (astrocytoma)

Testimonial by Yves M, Engineer ESIM-ISBA.

My wife was admitted urgently to the hospital closest to our home, following violent migraines and unbearable nausea. The examinations carried out diagnosed an astrocytoma 6 cm in diameter. Two resections were performed. These interventions were followed by a 37-day hospitalization with chemotherapy.

Although taken to the extreme limits possible, the second excision could not allow the extraction of the whole of the tumor, because of its infiltration in lobes of the cervical tissue. To push further the intervention would have been even more detrimental to my wife, who now suffered from an accentuated paralysis of the limbs on the left side.

Given the good general nervous state presented by Marie Luce, according to the neurologist, it seemed appropriate to initiate chemotherapy. However, she seemed reserved on the effectiveness of the proposed treatment. She clearly expressed to me her hope that this treatment could sufficiently delay the progression of the disease (right parietal oligodendroglioma), so that she could wait for the favorable outcome of ongoing research. In a subsequent interview, she confirmed to me, while urging me to be courageous, that the median life expectancy of patients undergoing a combined treatment by irradiation and chemotherapy was 36 months.

In the meantime, through a relationship fortuitously formed during a pilgrimage, my stepfather informed me of the Beljanski method, which he had discovered.

Faced with a discreet reluctance on my part, and also because of the financial difficulties caused by the prolonged illness of my wife, in this case my main collaborator of the company that we had created together, my father-in-law ordered Beljanski products in New York. This treatment began in mid June (5 capsules of Pao V FM + 4 capsules of Ginkgo V per day, accompanied by two doses of Real Build per week).

The effectiveness of the treatment could be felt quickly. The radiotherapy immediately proved particularly exhausting for my wife who had severe visual disturbances.

On 07/06, the radiation treatment had to be suspended after about fifteen sessions, following the emergency hospitalization of my wife, who had lost consciousness during her transfer to the radiotherapy center in Mulhouse. Then she was again transferred to the Pasteur hospital in Colmar for in-depth examinations. The report drawn up following this hospitalization noted that: “The brain scan does not show any worsening of the tumor lesion.”

The radiotherapy resumed immediately … and my wife resigned, had to accept it, until a quota of 33 sessions (the 2 radioprotectors of Beljanski protected her). She couldn’t stand the light anymore.

Our morale was at its lowest. Indeed if the tumor had not evolved unfavorably, would it still be the case? The side effects of radiotherapy, do they deserve to be endured for a long time?

Needing encouragement, we contacted by telephone at the end of July the person who had informed my father-in-law of the existence of the Beljanski method.