Testimonial: Bone Cancer

Testimonial: Bone Cancer

I experienced extremely difficult times in the course of my cancer, which was detected in the summer. I went through the hands of many specialists to obtain a precise diagnosis and I underwent all kinds of treatments.

In January, the surgeon had clearly announced to my wife: “Your husband has three months.”

Medicine recognizes its powerlessness in the face of generalized bone cancers with peripheral metastases.

However, thanks to the Beljanski extracts and a very competent prescribing doctor whom I admire a lot for his modesty, I am still alive and this poses, as always, many questions to all the specialists who know me. If I should have been long gone, but instead I survived and am healthy and the answer to why is a single name “Beljanski”. I am not an intellectual, I am not a doctor, but I understood what saved me. I do not debate about this with doctors and intellectuals who do not want to recognize this. Certainly some specialists lack the essential: common sense and they should be interested in these extracts! It’s a duty!

There is no age to die, but we all want it to be as late as possible, and without suffering! Thank God for every day he gives me. Thank you to my wife for the care she gives me.