Chemotherapy and radiation resistant pancreatic-type adenocarcinoma

Jean is 87 years old, and has been struggling with pancreatic cancer for 29 years.  After 16 years of following the Beljanski approach he finally feels that he is cured. This is his story.

On March 31, 1982, I was an active farmer. I was happily planning how to fill the few years that separated me from retirement. Together with Marguerite, my wife, life flowed quietly. There was nothing to suggest that our serenity would soon be shaken up by a new struggle, as unforeseen as it was unpredictable.

Indeed, the next morning, I felt the first signs of what later became a long and cruel illness. This illness would soon mark the end of my professional career. At first, I began to have a bloating feeling that took away my appetite and stopped me from eating. Curious about the reasons for my condition, I consulted a general practitioner.

This was the first step towards discovering a serious disease, which has almost cost me my life, and the beginning of a difficult battle with pancreatic cancer. This diagnosis made by multiple specialists was finally confirmed by a biopsy on May 3, 1982. 

The prognosis for my condition was unfortunately very pessimistic from the beginning. The doctors diagnosed a malignant tumor. I was told that the tumor in my abdomen cannot be removed and appears to be resistant to chemotherapy and radiation.

When my wife asked the doctor what else can be done to help me, we were told that we have ran out of options and that I have two or three months to live, maybe more maybe less. My diagnosis left no room for hope for improvement, let alone any cure in the eyes of conventional medicine.

Apparently, I was in a race against the inevitable. While conventional medicine had nothing else to give me, I was lucky enough to meet a doctor who was open-minded and curious and who did not simply accept the wisdom of conventional medicine.

This doctor was in contact with a French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS) affiliated scientist named Mirko Beljanski, whose research on serious diseases (cancer, viral diseases, etc.) was well advanced. On June 9, 1982, I had my first consultation with this doctor, on the recommendation of the surgeon who had performed my biopsy.

After the consultation, I began using the supplements created from the research and discoveries of Mirko Beljanski.

Once I began taking Mirko Beljanski’s supplements, the whole summer of 1982 passed relatively comfortably. I was able to do odd jobs and in the fall I could even do the seasonal sowing. My treatment had the following two effects:

First, the tumor did not spread to other parts of my body.

Second, the treatment overcame the initial resistance of the tumor to conventional treatment and made it react to traditional treatments, such as chemotherapy and radiation. At the request of my doctor, I was admitted to a hospital to undergo radiotherapy at “homeopathic” doses as directed  by the oncologist. This was on February 15, 1983. Nine and a half months after I have been told that I have two or three more months to live. 

I have already far exceeded the few months of life that I was promised by my doctor!

The first radiotherapy sessions were inconclusive. It was only from the ninth round that the tumor began to appear smaller on the ultrasound.

Initially I was prescribed ten radiotherapy sessions.  After thirty rounds, the tumor has almost completely shrunk, to the surprise of the doctors on the ward. In fact one of the doctors was so surprised by my results that he wanted to retest me , to verify the accuracy of the observations.

On April 1, 1983, I left the regional hospital to go home and begin recovery, which lasted for several months, before I regained all my physical abilities. Later, I learned that Mirko Beljanski has always advocated combining the use of his supplements with conventional cancer treatments.

Indeed, the toxicity of most traditional cancer treatments and the side effects of radiation promote the penetration of the active ingredients of Mirko Beljanski’s supplements to parts of the body where they are the most effective.

Together, the synergy of these two methods, enhances their best effects and gives the patients the best chances of recovery.

This was the case for me and a year has already passed since my diagnosis. 

The year was  marked by ups and downs. But I was never desperate, and I never felt like I was suffering either. After several months of recovery, I recovered and regained my feelings of good health. Since June 1982 I have been following the Beljanski approach to wellness regularly.

From February 15, 1983 to March 31, 1983, I increased the intake of Mirko Beljanski’s supplements while undergoing chemotherapy. My doctors were affected by this. One of Mirko Beljanski’s supplements worked to stimulate my immune system; another supplement actively fought the cancer, while a third, helped protect my body’s tissues against the radiation.

None of these supplements are toxic and they do not  negatively impact healthy cells. The supplements also do not become less effective as your body becomes accustomed to their use. For me, stopping radiotherapy did not mean that I needed to stop using Mirko Beljanski’s supplements.

Cancer is, in fact, a much more insidious disease than many others.

Even when we beat cancer, it leaves our body destabilized, fragile and often prone to relapse. It is therefore necessary to remain vigilant and very careful. Fortunately, my doctor, in perfect agreement with Mirko Beljanski, was on high alert.

Going into remission is already a blessing. It is on us to make it last and to keep our bodies healthy. 

I therefore continued taking Mirko Beljanski’s supplements preventatively at lower doses after my recovery.  Then, I gradually further reduced the intake of the supplements, but continued taking them until the end of 1985.

My results were so conclusive and convincing that the team of doctors supervising my case stated as follows:  

“After thirty sessions of radiotherapy, at homeopathic doses, we only find a few INERT and non-EVOLVING fibrous sequelae.”

I have been living cancer free since April 1, 1983 and continued taking Mirko Beljanski’s supplements. Since then, I have not had a slightest hint of recurrence. To prevent risk of prostate problems, I have also regularly used the formulations of Mirko Beljanski and have been consulting a urologist.

One time, after a brief examination, my urologist immediately wanted to make an appointment for a prostate biopsy due to my age. I requested some time to think, to which my doctor replied with a tone of unmistakable authority: “But don’t wait six months!” While I am aware of the risks my urologist has been waiting for me ever since as I still do not have the slightest problem.

Thank you, Dr. Beljanski.

Where conventional medicine could not help me and told me I have a few months to live, Mirko Beljanski’s supplements were lifesaving and I am certain they are responsible for me being here today. Many practitioners have marvelled at the miracle of my recovery and even went so far as to suspect an initial error by their colleagues in my diagnosis.

For my part, I experienced a very real illness. When I was told I have no hope, I had the incredible chance to cross paths with Mirko Beljanski and my doctor who was already aware of his discoveries. 

I wish that these formulas, and long research by Mirko Beljanski, are finally recognized by the broader public and made available to all those who would like to use them. I hope that Mirko Beljanski is finally given the recognition that he deserves for dedicating his entire life to his research in the service of humanity, which he often had to pursue in difficult conditions and alone.   

I want to express deep gratitude to Mr. Beljanski and to all those who worked with him for giving me these additional years of incomparable happiness.

Jean passed away on July 31, 2014 at the age of 89.

Defending freedom of choice in medical treatment, Jean was taken into custody for fifteen hours and his home was searched by the French Military Police on September 22, 1994. Jean underwent a second search and was taken into police custody again on October 9, 1996. This day is forever engraved into our memories.  

Jean has been an active member of CIRIS (now Beljanski Foundation) since day one.

By sharing his experience he gave hope to many patients, proved that life is strong and that cancer is not indefeasible.

Jean, we will keep you deep in our hearts, you have shown the way of wisdom and common sense, always calm in all circumstances.