Breast Cancer Testimonial

Recurrence of breast cancer operated on 5 years earlier

by Gérard Weidlich

Recurrence of breast cancer operated on 5 years earlier

Madame Madeleine PILORGÉ, who was a dynamic delegate of CIRIS, passed away on March 25, 1999 at the age of 80. Nicknamed Grandma Boom”, she was tireless in all areas… She will remain an example of kindness, generosity, dedication and love for others. With a lot of lucidity, courage, serenity and even a touch of humor, she herself had organized the modalities of her departure to The Lord”. Here are the last statements she made to CIRIS and The Beljanski Foundation: 

Every day I am a little more exhausted and entrust myself to the grace of God. I embrace you like each of the enthusiasts who revolve around CIRIS and who have never ceased to be filled with hope for the future. I am not dying of my cancer, because the doctors told me that it had disappeared and I even have a written report from the Institut Gustave Roussy, but from old age and residual toxicities from the many chemotherapies … ‘is eternal and my hour has come. ‘Up there’ I will continue to help you and I will again thank Dr. Mirko Beljanski for the 7 years of beautiful painless remission he brought me and which allowed me to enjoy my 5 children, 15 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren. I saw my pulmonologist stunned by the results he saw in my case. When I informed him about what I was taking in addition to conventional treatments, he asked how he can advise others to take the Beljanski extracts. 

The wind begins to turn…