Anklyositic Spondylarthritis – Mr. Jean-Jacques G.

GALLOU Jean-Jacques

In 1984, I found myself needing crutches. The doctor who was treating me prescribed a homeopathic treatment combined with taking ReaLBuild® regularly. In June 1988, I wasn’t sure of things and I felt like I wanted to stop treatment. As soon as I did, I suffered a new bout of illness. One month after returning to the products, everything was once again going well.

It has now been 20 years since these products have helped me with my anklyositic spondylarthritis and it’s over 11 years since I have stopped taking medicine. I am aware that I owe all this in large part to Mirko Beljanski’s discoveries. Life for me would not have been what it is if I hadn’t ever used the Beljanski® products to treat this serious illness.

In 2007, everything is ok.

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