Testimonial of Josette VUILLAUME: Colon cancer

Testimonial of Josette V.:
Colon cancer

After a long period of stress, emotional problems, magnesium deficiency, fatigue and irregular bowel movements, I finally underwent a colonoscopy on the advice of my doctor. The diagnosis was: colon cancer with no lymph node involvement. I was scheduled for surgery 72 hours after the diagnosis. During the surgery the doctors removed the tumor together with approximately 20 centimeters (8 inches) of my colon. The doctors at this time did not consider it useful to undergo any other treatment in my case. It was standard medicine of its time. I returned to normal life, but in November of the next year my symptoms (fatigue, blood in stool etc.) have repapered. I had another colonoscopy, and the results were the same as the first time: colon cancer. I had another surgery resulting in removal of another part of my colon. After this second procedure, the surgeon and the oncologist suggested that I undergo a preventive treatment of chemotherapy for a period of 6 months, one week every three weeks and 30 sessions in total.     My doctor told me that not only I would not lose my hair, but nausea is rare and the treatment results in a no reoccurrence in 80% of all cases.  I had to decide quickly. I gave myself two days to think and reluctantly accepted the treatment beginning the following January and finishing in June of the same year. It’s true, I did not lose my hair, but I was nauseous all the time, and just when I began to feel better, I had to go back to another chemo session. When the treatment was finished, I have lost over 10 kg (20 lbs) of my body weight.   That July I met a friend who told me about Mirko Beljanski’s plant extracts and the book “La santé confiscisée” (“Confiscated Health”). This was a bit late in my disease, but in the end it is never too late! Ironically this book was a part of my library and I bought it on the advice of a spa doctor many years before, but at the time I have not paid much attention to it. I was not yet affected by the disease. I then reread the book more carefully and contacted the doctor recommended to me by a friend to help with my treatment. On the advice of the doctor I began taking Pao Pereira, Rauwolfia Vomitoria and Ginkgo Biloba each day and RNA fragments twice a week. I continued taking RealBuld for about 6 months and the other extracts for about 4 to 5 years. Thereafter I continued taking Pao Pereira and Rauwolfia Vomitoria every day. I no longer require the regular checkups with my oncologists and doctors.  I undergo a colonoscopy, ultrasound and blood test every 3 years o my own initiative to check for cancer markers. So far all the results are good. Since then I have enjoy my retirement, which I hope will be a long one.  I do all things that retire people do – I tend to my garden, I tinker, fix my house and practice yoga regularly. In short I feel fine. My recent colonoscopy and  blood results were good, same as an ultrasound and x-rays of my lungs. I continue to take Pao Pereira and Rauwolfia Vomitoria and from time to tame RNA fragments in a preventative fashion. Thanks to Mirko Beljanski’s plant extracts, I have avoided reoccurrence of cancer that my doctor has warned me about.   Thank you to all those that have introduced me to Mirko Beljanski’s extracts and most importantly, a huge thank you to Professor Beljanski and his wife.