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Testimonial of Anne-Marie C: Breast cancer, intestines with hepatic metastases

With 17 years of hindsight and experience, I cannot say enough about the benefits of Professor Beljanski’s plant extracts.

In my life, I was afflicted by numerous cancers:

  • Breast cancer treated with radiotherapy
  • Intestinal cancer treated with chemotherapy 
  • Cancerous tumor in the liver treated via surgery without other treatment

For 5 years I took Professor Beljanski’s extracts every day. I continue my treatment by using the extracts 3 times per year for prevention. Thanks to Professor Beljanski, I was able to get to know and see my 2 grandchildren grow up.

I will be forever grateful to Professor Beljanski for this. I’ve been in remission for years now and all is well.

Thank you.