Sylvaine R testimonial colorectal cancer

Testimonial of Sylviane R.:
Colorectal Cancer

I used Pao pereira everyday for 1 and a half years along with Rauwolfia vomitoria and RNA fragments in order to support my immune system while I was undergoing chemotherapy. After taking these 3 extracts everyday for 3 months; the vomiting, diarrhea and other ailments due to chemo disappeared! I started to feel better very quickly, my lab results became almost perfect, my fatigue was gone and I have been in remission for a year now. So yes, a big thank you. I will always recommend these extracts to everyone I meet, sick or not, hoping that my example will encourage them to gain confidence and follow your advice. To this day, I continue to use the extracts. I thank my naturopath who directed me to the extracts. BEJANSKI has saved my life. Sylviane R.