Sophie P. Headshot testimonial

Sophie P. Testimonial: Breast Cancer

Diagnosed in 2006 with a cancerous cyst and in 2007 with an invasive carcinoma (grade 3)

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2006 when I was only 36 years old. So at that time, I listened to everyone’s advice, including doctors familiar with the Beljanski® extracts. I understood the synergy of action between chemotherapy, radiotherapy and the Beljanski® extracts. Ms. Pougnand, what were the results of your treatment (the combination of traditional treatments and the Beljanski® extracts)? The Beljanski® extracts helped me overcome the side effects of traditional treatments so I could really get the full protective effects of the Golden Leaf of Ginkgo Biloba extract (Ginkgo V) while I was undergoing radiotherapy. I did not suffer any burns at all, which was the total opposite of the other patients I met at my doctor’s clinic. I also saw my blood levels stabilize thanks to the RNA fragments (ReaLBuild®). How do you feel today? It’s been about 7 or 8 years since my last treatment and I feel great, but what’s important is that while the disease is in remission, you must avoid a relapse and to be extremely careful in terms of prevention. I choose to maintain a healthy diet and I continue to use the Beljanski® extracts. I take at least two doses of the extracts per year. I believe it’s the minimum to do because I no longer follow very strict protocols. It’s the same dosage I followed when I was sick, which was 1 pill per 20 lbs. of body weight of Pao, Ginkgo and RNA fragments once a week during my treatment. Why is it important to you to share your testimonial? I believe that it’s very important to give back what we receive and to allow others to benefit from the same care and treatment people gave me. During the most critical phase of my disease, it was very helpful to be able to call other patients and get answers to my questions, whether it was about the Beljanski® extracts or any other treatment. In conclusion, always remember to never give up! Life is beautiful! The main thing to me is to feel healthy, even if you have a disease. Not long ago, I met an incredible woman with metastatic breast cancer. In her mind, she was not sick, she was living! The most important thing is to always keep a positive attitude. I can testify that there can be a beautiful life after cancer, an appreciation of life and we must never give up hope.