Gérard Weidlich

AIDS, testimonial from Gérard Weidlich

Thanks to Beljanski extracts, he survived 22 years. Before contracting AIDS, Mr. Weidlich was a former lifeguard who stayed in great shape, During the 22 years of having AIDS, Gérard stayed strong and healthy; he must remain an example of courage and hope in Life! Never give up, there is always a solution, preferably natural, which can improve the situation and allow a comfortable life.

This testimony was extensively developed in the book “Investigation of an illegal survivor” written by Sophie Chervet.


I was infected in the summer.

As the 1st user, in virology, of the PAO PEREIRA extract developed by the researcher Mirko BELJANSKI (current Pao V of Maison Beljanski), I would simply like to come and share this natural treatment:

• There is an absence of toxicity which is confirmed by the large quantities of capsules that my body has absorbed without any issues.

• There is no resistance phenomenon with the observation of the total absence of resurgence of the disease.

• This treatment is very effective since, beyond a natural immunity against HIV, is confirmed by the presence of a high level of antibodies. I have found that I am never getting sick anymore. No common cold, fever, flu, etc.

It is true that I continue to take the extracts (Pao, Rauwolfia and RNA Fragments) as a preventive measure to protect me daily from all the risks of common ailments.

The most important reality which is confirmed by several blood tests remains the fact that after 6 years my anticore antibodies disappeared which logically corresponds to the development of AIDS.

However, thanks to the permanent catch of the antiviral “Beljanski”, the doctors were able to see that a new generation of neutralizing antibodies appeared.

My antigenemia has also always remained negative, which is a very good sign.

Unfortunately today, these very important tests (testing for antibodies and P24 antigenemia) no longer exist.

They were simply suppressed in favor of the viral load which is according to many competent specialists, but obviously classified as dissenting, a non-specific HIV exam. The value of viral load remains commercial because it sells triple therapies. The labs are therefore happy.

In conclusion, at 57 years old, I am a happy grandfather of 4 small children who puts his courage at the service of truth and of life with no more illusions about “justice”.

President of CIRIS
from 1997 to 2007