anal canal cancer

Maé J. Testimonial:
Anal Canal Cancer

How long have you been in remission: 1 year History: Diagnosed with anal canal cancer, I could not undergo the only radiotherapy and chemotherapy protocol that was proposed to me. Close friends who knew you because they had called on you for their son who was diagnosed with leukemia, convinced me to contact you. I sent an email to Mrs Beljanski to explain my case and she replied very quickly with her therapeutic proposal. I am now in remission. The usual protocol worked and all the doctors were astonished to see how well I tolerated the medication! I want to say that your availability, Mrs. Beljanski, your advice and your support have been a great help to me, not to mention the support that the Beljanski treatment has also given me. I continue to take Rauwolfia vomitoria to ensure my complete recovery. My sincere thanks to you. Thank you to your husband and thank you for continuing to disseminate his research. Yours sincerely, Maé J.