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Joseph R. Testimonial

Condition Information:
My moms condition of recurring breast cancer

How long have you been in remission for?
Haven’t hit remission yet but have had really positive results with the extracts

Your Story:
This is about my mom, as she recently found out her breast cancer came back. When it first started, it was stage 2 ductal invasive carcinoma. She went through a year of chemo and immunotherapy and then at her request, they removed both breasts. That was 4 years ago and now its back with vengeance.

Stage 4 metastatic. Its in her lungs, brain and bones. Now she started taking the Beljanski® extracts and she feels a lot better. She hasn’t started chemo or radiation yet. She loves the RNA fragments as she was particularly amazed at how well it worked in giving her more energy. She is also taking a combination of Pao pereira and Rauwolfia vomitoria and so far the bone pain she was having has subsided, her breathing has improved and she’s not coughing nearly as much. She’s also no longer losing consciousness and passing out, which was still happening even though she was prescribed steroids.

I took a leap of faith and trusted the research that I had done myself on Beljanski® and I’m so happy to see how well my mother is doing with the use of the beautiful extracts. Even her thunderclap headaches (hospital given nickname) are gone. Her primary doctor is a D.O so he believes in holistic healing and natural medicine. I let him read the research papers. He was very impressed and urged her to take the extracts to see what happens. Her oncologist called it fake. I’m here to tell anyone in doubt its not fake. I have seen such extreme improvement in such a short amount of time.

Thank you Sylvie and your father for the miracle. I will update you more as we continue the extracts and as soon as her radiation starts.

I also believe in the power of prayer. I believe the lord pointed me towards these extracts. I prayed and I feel the prayer has been met. My only regret is that I didn’t find this last year as I lost my stepdad in February to pancreatic cancer.

Also my research brought me to Francisco, who uses these extracts for his wife. I talked with him on the phone and email and heard his wonderful experience with the extracts. All I have to say is a lot of doctors are wrong when they say these extracts are fake. I’m no longer convinced that the traditional medicine that they prescribe would take away my mom’s pains, headaches or weakness away. Instead I believe it would do more harm than good. I’m 100% certain its the extracts that helped her. I’m so sure of this because we gave my mom steroids for week. This was supposed to work and there were no improvements. 4 days after taking the extracts she started improving dramatically. The only thing I was concerned about was when she took the RNA fragments, her cheeks turned a little rosy red, but after a couple hours her color was back to her normal pale white.

I am very very impressed with it and hoping the research continues with even more breakthroughs.