Isabelle T testimonial cancer

Isabelle T. Testimonial:

Thank you for inquiring about my potential visit to the doctor. Unfortunately I have not met him yet simply because I often feel overwhelmed by the medical professionals, nurses, oncologist, surgeon, lungs specialists, scan technicians… that I cannot handle more for the moment. But the recommended doctor is in my contact book and as soon as my breast tumor is not visible on the outside, I plan to get in touch with him.

I want also to add that I find guidance in incubated dreams, a work that I have done for 30 years and so far they have been accurate about the handling of my disease, and what I understand is the cause. So I trust I will again be properly advised.

The latest news is that many of my lymph nodes are gone, some are reduced and my tumor is about half of its worst size. My cancer markers are 18 which is in the normal range. I am about to change my estrogen blocker to keep the cancer from adapting and learning how to spread. In addition I do all sorts of exercises to destabilize the cancer through foods, mudras, vocals, reversing past negative energies as instructed by dreams, synchronicities and muscle testing.

I trust that I will come out of this and promise I will visit you as soon as I am free of symptoms. I keep for you the synchronicity telling me that the combination of Pao pereira, Rauwolfia vomitoria and Golden ginkgo has been and I suppose still is my SAVIOR!

Have a good day,

Isabelle T.