High grade lung cancer testimonial

High grade lung cancer testimonial

I was almost always in good health, however on August 16, I returned urgently to the hospital and unfortunately I had to admit after numerous examinations that: “Cancer does not only happen to others!”

What a shock, the diagnosis of the specialists was formal and very dark: “Cancer of the lungs”, to a degree already so severe that my condition had been considered hopeless. Doctors unanimously estimated that I only had ten to fifteen days, three weeks at most, to live. My devastated wife had been informed of this terrible prognosis so that she could make some family arrangements.

We started chemotherapy sessions. I immediately asked for help in order to use the supplements developed by Dr. Beljanski. I knew that these natural extracts were non-toxic, very comfortable as therapy because they were taken orally and that they could be very useful to me with chemotherapy or radiotherapy, because only my cancer cells were going to be destroyed by the violent poisons that “they were going to inject in me.” If there was a one in a thousand chance of surviving, the key was Beljanski!

Very quickly, I was able to receive help and able to benefit from the extracts. So, the incredible came true, day after day! I thus avoided the operation initially planned and I was able to go through six sessions of heavy chemotherapy as well as twenty-one radiation sessions (instead of thirty-five)! This made a lot of people talk and we even heard people saying: “But he never had cancer, the doctors were wrong!”

The attending physician said to me, “You are very strong, Mr. Rousseau, to resist such chemo sessions so well! You are an anecdotal case” If I had died as expected, there would be nothing anecdotal, as everything would be normal and we would speak of “the current impotence of medicine in the face of this disease.”

The diagnosis was seven months ago and I’m still here, more alive than ever to fight! According to my modest scientific knowledge, the only person in the world currently capable of achieving such a cure is Dr. Beljanski. To this French researcher, I am so grateful that there are no words strong enough to express my gratitude. How do you want to thank someone who saves your life?