F. Blasi Testimonial:
Bronchial Cancer
(rare form of lung cancer)

Bronchial cancer was discovered in my 45 year old son in late August. The diagnosis was grim. Thankfully we discovered the botanicals researched by Dr. Beljanski (Pao pereira, Rauwolfia vomitoria, Golden Leaf Ginkgo Biloba and RNA fragments), as we are convinced this saved him. He was operated on for a brain metastasis. Kidney and pleural metastases appeared on the examination reports. Within a few months, everything had disappeared on the imaging and recently his oncologist declared he was in remission. He is now at the end of his immunotherapy (which lasted 2 years). I give my sincere thanks and deepest respect to Dr. Beljanski, Monique Beljanski, Sylvie Beljanski and the entire Beljanski Foundation team. F. Blasi