Dominique G. testimonial breast cancer

Dominique G. Testimonial:
Breast Cancer

Diagnosed with stage 3 inflammatory breast cancer + in November 2016, the specialists gave me only a few months to live! Indeed, after a heavy chemo, the 3.5 cm tumor grew to 7 cm and continued to increase instead of regressing. So, a very important operation was performed: total mastectomy and removal of 14 lymph nodes, 13 of which were affected! Then 28 sessions of radiotherapy.

Five years have just passed since the operation, and according to my oncologist consulted in April, my situation is a miracle! I must specify that I have been using the BELJANSKI extracts since the 2nd chemo session and in particular PAO for 5 years. In a follow up appointment with my doctor, it was recommended to me to use hormonotherapy for life, so I decided to also take PAO for life! And this allows me to live a completely normal life and to get perfect blood tests and good markers! A big thank you to the BELJANSKI method. A friend told me about this and now it is my turn to communicate it.

Dominique G.