Testimonial: Uterine and Lung cancer

Testimonial: Uterine and Lung cancer

I had uterine cancer, underwent surgery and then received 6 radiotherapy treatments. A year later I had metastases in both lungs (balloon release imaging).

The 1st oncologist I saw with the x-ray, told me “with chemo, 2 years at best” (the one that had me treated with radiotherapy a year before).

The pneumo-oncologist I was referred to is having me treated with carboplatin taxol chemo and warns me that generally patients do not want to go beyond the first 2 treatments because of the side effects.

A friend told me about Beljanski which were very effective on her brother so I decided to learn more and use Pao pereira, Rauwolfia vomitoria and RNA fragments during my 4 months of treatment.

When I went to my oncologist, he told me I was a miracle. For me, there is not a shadow of a doubt, it was thanks to Beljanski that survived cancer and strong chemo. It has been over 11 years now that everything is over.

Thank you Dr. Beljanski, thank you to his family.