Anne-Francoise F.

Anne-Francoise R. Testimonial:
Cervical Cancer, Pulmonary Emphysema

Below is a translation of the video interview from Anne-Francoise R.: “Hello my name is Anne-Francoise, I had a cervical cancer at the beginning of 2000. Since 2005, I have been cancer free. Thanks to the Beljanski extracts, I did not undergo chemotherapy or radiotherapy, contrary to what was recommended to me. – How did you learn about the Beljanski Approach? I was lucky when I learned that I had cancer, I was able to talk to my uncle, who had treated himself with these extracts for prostate cancer, with very good results. He immediately referred me to where I could find the extracts. It allowed me to see results very quickly. – What about your emphysema? I wanted to explain something that is perhaps not known. I actually suffer from a specific type of emphysema (quite developed) and in fact, I noticed that since taking the Beljanski extracts, I have less lung infections and therefore much less need to resort to classic medical treatments (which are usually antibiotics and cortisone). I live with much more comfortably. I feel like I am doing so well, that I continue to take these extracts to maintain my health. – And today, almost 15 years later, how are you doing? The results are good, I must admit that I don’t have any more worries on my side. I feel safe with the extracts. Anne-Francoise R.