Testimony of Josette VUILLAUME: Colon cancer

27 years of hindsight

In April 1992 I was 46 years old.

After a long period of stress, emotional problems, a lack of magnesium, fatigue, irregular bowel movements … I have a colonoscopy, on the order of my doctor. The verdict is: cancer of the left colon without lymph node involvement. The operation is scheduled 72 hours after the colonoscopy. We remove the tumor and about twenty centimeters of the colon. The surgeon does not consider it useful to undergo treatment: that was the protocol at the time.

I resume my activity but in November 1994, the symptoms reappear (fatigue, blood in the stool …).

I consult and demand a new colonoscopy. The result is the same as the first time. There is therefore recurrence on the scar, tumor of the same type as in 1992: re-operation and again, removal of part of the colon. After this second operation, the surgeon and the oncologist offer me, but do not impose on me, a preventive chemotherapy for 6 months at the rate of one session of approximately one hour per day, for one week every three weeks: either 30 sessions in total.

After many questions from me about the side effects, the oncologist tells me that I will not lose my hair, that nausea will be very rare and that the problem of recurrence should be zero in 80% of cases, but that it remains still 20% doubt.

I must give an answer very quickly. I give myself two days of reflection and I reluctantly accept this treatment, which I started at the very beginning of January 1995 and ended in June. It’s true, I don’t lose my hair, but for the nausea, I have it all the time, when it starts to disappear, I go back to chemo for a week … the treatment is finished, j have lost 10 kg.

In July 1995, I met, a little late (but it’s never too late!) A friend who told me about Beljanski products and a book: “La santé confiscisée”. Ironically, this book is part of my library, I bought it on the advice of a South-West spa doctor many years ago but at the time I read it without too much attention. . I was not affected by the disease …!

So I reread this book more seriously and I contact the doctor advised by this friend, to avoid the 20% failure announced by the oncologist.

So I inquired about Beljanski products and on his advice, I take 6 Pao V® + 6 Rovol V® + 6 Ginkgo® per day and twice a week a dose of ReaLBuild®. The ReaLBuild® was taken for 6 months, the other capsules for 4 or 5 years and since then I continue every day 2 or 3 Pao V FM® and Rovol V®. The examinations performed regularly during the first years are now spaced out, or even abandoned by the oncologist.

But on my own initiative, I do a colonoscopy, ultrasound and blood test every 3 years to check for ACE and CA 19.9 markers.

All the exams so far are very good. Since July 1, 2004, I have been enjoying a retirement which I hope will be long.

I garden, I tinker, I maintain my house, I practice yoga regularly … in short: I’m fine.

The colonoscopy in February 2012 was fine, the next one is scheduled for October 2015. The blood test (CA 19.9 and ACE) done in April 2015 was normal as well as the abdominal ultrasound and x-ray of the lungs (February 2015 ), I always continue with the prevention dose Beljanski Pao V® FM, Rovol V® and also from time to time I take ReaLBuild®.

I think that thanks to BELJANSKI products, anti-oxidants, probiotics, I avoided these 20% failures.

The colonoscopy of May 2016 was without problem, the next one is scheduled for 2021 …

The results of the abdominal ultrasound performed in May 2017 are satisfactory.

The blood test (CA 19.9 and ACE) done in October 2018 is normal.
I continue in preventive dose the Beljanski products (Pao V® FM and Rovol V®) as well as ReaLBuild® which raises my platelet count which tends to be low.

Thank you again to all those people who introduced me to Beljanski products and above all a big THANK YOU to Mr. and Mrs. BELJANSKI, to the entire CIRIS team that I support.