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Ovarian cancer testimonial

After a long period of distress, at 63, I discovered I had ovarian cancer.

At first, I refused any recommended treatment, suspicious of traditional medicine. At the time a friend shared information about Beljanski products. I read the documents and became curious. Six months later I was operated on and started taking the Beljanski products (Pao periera, Rauwolfia, Ginkgo and RNA Fragments) in conjunction with chemotherapy. I had nothing more to lose because this the cancer had gained ground.

I had up to 5 L of ascites in my stomach and lumps everywhere. After 3 months of this treatment, a CT scan revealed there was nothing left. What a surprise and joy! Especially because after the operation there was a nodule on the intestine that I had not wanted to operate on and liquid in the pleura (lung). I told the Doctor that I was quitting the chemo; he panicked telling me to do at least one more (infusion). So as not to anger him, I accept the 5th and the last.

I regret this because it has tired me unnecessarily. Since then, all my scans are good: 4 scans every 6 months. I still continue with Beljanski products. Thank you, my God (I’m a Catholic), for introducing me to someone who knows Beljanski products.

Exclusive supplier of Pao Pereira, Rauwolfia Vomitoria, Ginkgo Biloba extracts, Teas, and RNA fragments used by the Beljanski Foundation for scientific research. Visit Maison Beljanski X

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