Patient testimonial with multiple sclerosis

Patient story with multiple sclerosis

By the age of 30, multiple sclerosis (MS) manifested as a subarachnoid reaction, with incoordination of movements when walking and severe eye damage. Long remission and mild motor impairment allowed me to practice my profession as a part-time physiotherapist until the age of 52. Then, despite recent outbreaks, I refused the treatments that were offered to me, namely corticosteroids and interferon, knowing their side effects. At the beginning of this year, walking, even accompanied, becomes more and more difficult (distance of around 100 meters) because of muscle spaticity and hypotonia, balance disorders. I decided to try Dr. Beljanski’s formulas on May 15: 8 capsules per day of Pao pereira + 2 doses of RNA fragments per week. After 4 months, my fatigability considerably reduced as did my muscular hypotonia. I no longer feel the need to lie on my back, on the floor, 3 times a day. At the age of 68, I was able to do walking decomposition work (flexing the thighs, legs and feet), walking accompanied, I was able to cover an estimated distance of 2 km, with recuperative stops.