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Lymphoma cancer testimonial (non-Hodgkin’s)

I won’t tell you all my life, but know that I was mainly a fisherman from La Cotinière, this charming little port on the island of Oléron. I had always taken care of myself, exercised, participated in all sorts of athletic events and was healthy. I didn’t know what it was like to be sick until I was 65.

I noticed that gradually one of my testicles was growing strangely until it doubled in size. It became hard to the touch, I got worried and went to see my doctor. This doctor had already dealt with a similar case, knew what to do and referred me to a specialist in Royan who, after examining me, kept me for 3 days. He removed the testicle. This operation is extremely disabling and painful. According to him, I had no choice because otherwise, he had said to my wife, “The outcome would have been fatal.”

Personally, nothing had been said to me. A month later, the Royan surgeon examined me again and told me: “The operation went very well and everything healed. However, you will need additional treatment and after that, everything will be fine, you will see.”

He referred me to another specialist in order to treat me with infusions and radiotherapy.

At the time, I did not know what this meant, as it was not part of the jargon of the fishermen I spent my time with. I did not know that this specialist was in fact an oncologist. Later, I learned that my wife’s intuition had pushed her to ask some very naïve questions in the hospital environment: “What is radiotherapy?”

Answer: “They are rays, Madam.“

”Why don’t you say, then, just rays!“

Answer: ”It’s not to scare the sick.“

”And what are the infusions?“

“Chemotherapy, Madam.” My wife then understood the terrible truth; I had a severe form of cancer.

During the first infusions, it seemed to me that my body was trying in vain to refuse the liquid that was injected to me. My veins swelled, clogged and nurses often had to intervene…I was administered six chemotherapy sessions which must have been very powerful because they knocked me out. I slept each time for 24 hours in a row to be able to recover. I was never told the name of these different colored products that I was injected with. Every ten days I was entitled to this torture. When this atrocious program was finished, an oncologist regularly prescribed different blood tests, scans…I was living this way for 18 months under medical supervision. At the end of this period, I was told “YOU ARE HEALED!” My wife and I were so happy we cried. This storm was finally over and we were going to be able to relive and forget this nightmare which was called “lymphoma”.

I returned to cycling, swimming, hiking and we traveled. Everything was fine until the summer a few years later when I came down with a lung infection. “A cold had never killed anyone” I said to myself, but to be on the safe side, I went to see the same doctor again, who diagnosed bronchitis first. He prescribed me antibiotics. Shortly after, I had a huge lump in my throat. When I went back for anther visit he diagnosed me with Vincent’s angina. In addition, I pointed out to him that I was becoming deaf in my right ear and gradually in my left. He gave me a hearing aid, which helped and prescribed antibiotics to remove what he called “the abscess in my throat.” 10 days later, the abscess still had not disappeared, and the doctor had me operated in Rochefort. The sample is then analyzed, which turns out to be a “non-Hodgkin lymphoma” tumor. I was immediately sent for additional testing in Bordeaux.

A friend lent us a book for the trip. Its title “Confiscated Health” by Monique and Mirko BELJANSKI. I devoured the book which put me, page after page, in an indescribable anger.

On the advice of our friends who had lent us the book, we consulted for the first time with a doctor who knows the formulas of Mirko Beljanski. We put our last hope in him. He was very human and sincere. I quickly noticed the competence of this homeopath who surprised me by telling me that we must continue the protocol provided by oncologists because it is necessary. However, he advised me on Mirko Beljanski’s extracts (pao pereira and ginkgo biloba) which will allow me to better endure these very heavy treatments. 

I followed the Beljanski approach at the same time and I was able to endure the 6 sessions of chemotherapy and the 20 sessions of radiotherapy applied to 3 different places in my throat. At the end of all these very harsh treatments, two weeks later, the specialists were amazed how my body responded. In comparison with a sick friend affected by the same illness and who had not used Mirko Beljanski’s formulas, I think I was doing very well. This patient had lost 20kg and he was completely devastated.

Currently, I feel better and better and I know that thanks to the formulas of Mr. Beljanski, my health has come a long way. If I had known of the Beljanski approach, from my first cancer, I am absolutely convinced that I would never have relapsed. I am now working out again…in my head, I tell myself that I am in a cycling race and that, until now the course has been very hard. I don’t drink alcohol and I try to eat as healthy as possible…I am putting all odds in my corner. My illness will have taught me a simple thing that many have not yet discovered: how beautiful life is!