Breast Cancer – Rebecca C.

I could clearly see that the tumor in my breast, which had been treated at An Oasis of Healing with IPT by Dr. Lodi in 2010, was growing again. I could feel it getting larger, the nipple was beginning to dimple, something it hadnt done previously, and new blood vessels were forming just under the skin. It was scary. I added oleander to my regimen for several weeks, but it caused diarrhea and I could never build the dose up sufficiently because of this.

Then along came this great book: Cancers Cause, Cancers Cure by Morton Walker. I downloaded it to my Nook and began reading the same day. I confidently ordered the herbal products which Dr. Beljanski had developed because of the years of painstaking research behind them, and their successful track record. Within a few days of starting the herbs, the new blood vessels began fading and it felt as if the tumor had stopped growing. Two weeks later I had a clear PET/CT scan! I am thrilled beyond measure. Im telling everybody I know who has cancer, or any connection to cancer, about them and two of my friends are now taking them. Ive opened a professional account with Maison Beljanski, because Im a nutritional therapist, and I find their service very quick. They also answer my questions quickly and thoroughly. These herbs should definitely become a crucial part of your protocol. I dont think there is anything on the market to compare with them.

Thank you so much for sharing your wealth of knowledge.

– Rebecca C.
Olympia WA, USA