Annick testimonial: Uterine cancer metastasizes to the lungs

12 years of hindsight

In 2006, I had uterine cancer, underwent surgery and then received 6 radiotherapy treatments.

In 2007 I had metastases in both lungs (balloon release imaging).
The 1st oncologist I saw with the x-ray, told me “with chemo, 2 years at best” (the one that had me treated with radiotherapy a year before).

The pneumo-oncologist I was referred to is having me treated with carboplatinetaxol chemo.

He warns me that in general patients do not want to go beyond the first 2 treatments because of the side effects.

A friend told me about Beljanski products which were very effective on her brother; I therefore take steps to bring in these products. I take it all the time of the treatment, about 4 months, PaoV, ReaLBuild® and Rovol.

The oncologist tells me that I am responding really well to chemo. (I only had very bad leg pain the night after the 2nd treatment).

I had 6 treatments, but didn’t want more because I hardly felt my toes anymore

and had read that this chemo could lead to paralysis of the legs.
When I went to see another oncologist for a 2nd opinion, with my complete file, he told me I was a miracle.

For me, there is no shadow of a doubt in my mind, it was thanks to Beljanski products that I went through this cancer and this strong chemo. It has been over 11 years now that everything is over.

Thank you Mr. Beljanski, thank you to his family.