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RGCC (Research Genetic Cancer Center) was launched in 2004 by genetics pioneer Dr. Ioannis Papasotiriou who believes that the key to effectively treating cancer lies in personalized medicine using the information in a patient’s genes. Using world-leading technology, equipment and innovative techniques, the RGCC team of scientists have developed a range of tests that give healthcare professionals comprehensive information about a patient’s genetics, physiology and immune profiles. This diversion from a ‘one-size-fits all approach’ uses data to determine what treatment will work best.

What makes RGCC special?

  • RGCC tests allows you to know what treatment will work on your cancer
  • No trial and error
  • No toxic treatment
  • No time wasted on treatments that aren’t right for you
  • RGCC is redefining personalized medicine

RGCC’s objective is to equip patients and clinicians with the most robust, reliable and accurate information about cancer so they can choose the treatments that will work best.

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About RGCC

Research Genetic Cancer Center (R.G.C.C.), a genetic research laboratory whose headquarters are located in Greece,  developed a test. RGCC has developed a patented membrane that is able to capture malignant cells from a simple blood sample. Then they match those malignant cells recovered from the blood sample with a panel of known anti-cancer agents and see what will indeed work. No more guessing, no more false hope.

Originally created to allow oncologists to select the chemotherapy treatment that will be the most effective against each specific cancer, it also allows other practitioners to know what may be the best natural approach to cancer therapy as well.

According to RGCC, a specific mix of Pao pereira (formerly known as PB-100)Rauwolfia vomitoria and golden Ginkgo biloba extracts (OnKobel-Pro®) has been confirmed to be able to induce apoptosis (death) of many patients’ cancer.

Connect with a healthcare professional

Below is a list of healthcare professionals using the RGCC tests as well as natural extracts to help their patients

Name Location Website
Dr. Zeljka Calic Denham Court, New South Wales (AU)  

Name Location Website
Dr. Carla Linkerhof Toowoomba, Queensland (AU)

Name Location Website
Dr. Caleb Ng Surrey, British Columbia (CA)

Name Location Website
Dr. Bryan Rade Bedford, Nova Scotia (CA)

Name Location Website
Dr. Sabine Donnai London, England (UK)  
Dr. Rajendra Sharma Poole, England (UK)

Name Location Website
Dr. Reika Kaku Bunkyo, Japan  
Mr. Ken Tsuyoshi Kitahara Nakano-ku, Japan  
Dr. Hideo Suzuki Chiba, Japan  

Name Location Website
Dr. Antonio Jimenez Jamul, Mexico

Name Location Website
Dr. Martha M. Grout Scottsdale, Arizona (US)

Name Location Website
Dr. Lizzie Clapham Santa Barbara, California (US)
Dr. Leigh Connealy Irvine, California (US)
Dr. Sean Devlin Grass Valley, California (US)
Dr. Ahvie Herskowitz San Francisco, California (US)
Dr. Bommi Reddy Barstow, California (US)
Dr. Mark Sutton La Habra, California (US)
Ms. Helayne Waldman Oakland, California (US)  
Dr. Juergen Winkler Carlsbad, California (US)

Name Location Website
Dr. Roger Billica Fort Collins, Colorado (US)
Ms. Donna Descoteaux San Luis, Colorado (US)  
Dr. Scott Rollins Grand Junction, Colorado (US)
Dr. Jonathan W. Singer Greenwood Village CO, Colorado (US)

Name Location Website
Dr. Victoria Zupa Greenwich, Connecticut (US)

Name Location Website
Dr. Martin Dayton Sunny Isles Beach, Florida (US)  
Dr. Melissa Dean Vero Beach, Florida (US)
Dr. Veronique Desaulniers Naples, Florida (US)
Dr. Linda Huxtable Palm Coast, Florida (US)
Dr. Ronald Jamis Tallahassee, Florida (US)  
Dr. Dipnarine Maharaj Boynton Beach, Florida (US)
Dr. David Minkoff Clearwater, Florida (US)
Dr. John Monhollon Sarasota, Florida (US)
Dr. John Young Largo, Florida (US)

Name Location Website
Ms. Kim Luchau Kilauea, Hawaii (US)

Name Location Website
Dr. Michael Karlfeldt Meridian, Idaho (US)

Name Location Website
Ms. Christie Jordan Chicago, Illinois (US)
Dr. Robert Lacava St. Charles, Illinois (US)

Name Location Website
Dr. Clifford Fetters Carmel, Indiana (US)

Name Location Website
Dr. Steven Zarembka Scarborough, Maine (US)

Name Location Website
Dr. Gail Benton Oakham, Massachusetts (US)  

Name Location Website
Dr. Samm Pryce Ann Arbor, Michigan (US)
Dr. Malcolm Sickels Ann Arbor, Michigan (US)
Dr. Paul Tai Dearborn Heights, Michigan (US)

Name Location Website
Dr. Alyce Hamilton Edina, Minnesota (US)

Name Location Website
Ms. Patricia Bauer, NP-C Ellisville, Missouri (US)
Dr. Scott Huff Creve Coeur, Missouri (US)

Name Location Website
Dr. Robert Eslinger Reno, Nevada (US)
Dr. James Forsythe Reno, Nevada (US)

Name Location Website
Dr. Amalia Fantasia Marlton, New Jersey (US)
Dr. Allan Magaziner Cherry Hill, New Jersey (US)
Dr. Richard Menashe Edison, New Jersey (US)

Name Location Website
Ms. Wafaa Sbeiti Springfield Gardens, New York (US)  
Dr. Richard Sollazzo Saint James, New York (US)

Name Location Website
Dr. Mark Speight Matthews, North Carolina (US)

Name Location Website
Dr. Anu Sharma Galena, Ohio (US)  

Name Location Website
Dr. Nadia Ali Wayne, Pennsylvania (US)  
Dr. Jenn Simmons Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (US)

Name Location Website
Dr. Barbara Morris Greenville, South Carolina (US)

Name Location Website
Dr. Julie Clowers Heath, Texas (US)
Dr. Constantine Kotsanis Grapevine, Texas (US)
Dr. Thomas Schnorr Austin, Texas (US)
Dr. John Parks Trowbridge Humble, Texas (US)
Dr. Valeska Wells Houston, Texas (US)

Name Location Website
Dr. Tristin Wallace Draper, Utah (US)

Name Location Website
Dr. David Zeoli Charlottesville, Virginia (US)

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