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Capture d’écran 2015-09-18 à 09.27.46Dr Ralph Moss has dedicated a column in the current issue of his “Cancer Decisions” newsletter to Mirko Beljanski, PhD, and to the achievements of The Beljanski Foundation while carrying on Dr Beljanski’s legacy.

Setting aside all controversy, Dr. Moss reports on the many recent scientific and clinical studies published by several prestigious universities on prostate, ovarian and pancreatic cancers, all of which validate Dr Beljanski’s work and its natural and selective approach.

If you wish to read the article, check Dr. Ralph Moss website : www.cancerdecisions.com


New Article About Mirko Beljanski in Spain

Once again, Pr. Mirko Beljanski’s work has been acknowledged overseas ! Today, it’s in Spain in “La Revista de Medicinas Complementarias. Medicina Holística”.

This time, “La Revista de Medicinas Complementarias. Medicina Holística, edited by the AMC (The Spanish Asociación de Medicinas Complementarias), has published one new article (n 84) on Dr. Beljanski’s research.

The very first sentences reveals the excitement of the Spanish scientific community. « Hoy la consagración póstuma de Mirko Beljanski nos llega de los EE.UU, donde los descubrimientos des investigador han llamado la atención. El trabajo de Mirko Beljanski no sólo queda confirmado sino también ampliado ».
Here is the translation for non-Spanish speakers like myself:
“Today’s posthumous consecration of Mirko Beljanski comes from the U.S., where discoveries have caught the interest of researchers. Dr. Mirko Beljanski’s work is not only confirmed but also extended.”


Article on the Effects of Pao Pereira on Ovarian and Pancreatic cancers

Breakthrough studies reveal miracle plant defeats the two incurable cancers

Michele Cagan wrote an article about the last research published by Kansas University Medical Center on the effects of Pao Pereira on pancreatic and Ovarian cancers, it was published on december 2013 (Vol 18 N 4) on the magazine Health Sciences Institute.

That article is titled : Breakthrough studies reveal miracle plant defeats the two incurable cancers – pancreatic and ovarian

To read the article:  Breakthrough studies reveal miracle plant defeats the two incurable cancers – pancreatic and ovarian (HSI – Vol 18 N 4)

Article on www.pancreatica.org by Dale O’Brien, MD

Dr. Dale O’Brien (Dale O’Brien, MD, MPH is the Executive Director of Cancer Patients Alliance and the Medical Director of its Pancreatica and CancerPACT projects). Dr. Dale O’Brien has been an affiliate of the European Branch headquarters of the World Health Organization (in Copenhagen, Denmark) and the Epidemic Intelligence Service of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). He currently serves as an Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of California at Davis in the Department of Medicine.

Dr O’ Brien dedicated a blog entry to our Pao pereira /pancreas paper: “Pre-clinical study of Natural Product from Amazon tree: Geissospermum vellosii


Cancer’s Cause Cancer’s Cure by Morton Walker


Last November 2013, Patricia Ross was the guest of the Extreme Health Radio

The journalists Kate and Justin had a very fascinating interview with Dr. Patricia Ross. It had originally been scheduled to speak with Dr. Morton Walker about his book called Cancer’s Cause, Cancer’s Cure but that didn’t work out so Dr. Ross was gracious enough to step in and talk about this amazing book by Dr. Walker.

In fact Dr. Ross knows more about this book than anyone other than Morton Walker himself because she edited and did the rewriting herself. She’s a master at turning technical data into bite sized absorbable information that’s easy to digest.

Click here to listen to listen the interview:


“Small RNA Fragments Support White Blood Cell and Platelet Proliferation in Cancer Patients Undergoing Chemotherapy”

Mirko Beljanski’s discoveries have been recently confirmed by another scientific publication. The new article written by John Hall, the scientific advisor to the Beljanski Foundation and James Grutsch, from the Cancer Treatment Centers of America was published in Anti-Aging Therapeutics Volume XIV and describes a Phase I clinical trial showing that RNA fragments prepared by Mirko Beljanski (also known as RealBuild®) support the immune system of cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.

This special preparation of RNA fragments is a member of the family of natural products developed by Mirko Beljanski. The study demonstrates that the RNAs act as triggers for cell division in bone marrow stem cells, a population that is commonly damaged by chemotherapy treatments. The study confirms that as a result, the white blood cells, including platelets, proliferate and return to normal levels protecting the patient from the risks associated with thrombocytopenia.

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Watch us on NBC

To help recognize National Ovarian Cancer Awareness, the Beljanski Foundation is very pleased to announce that the NBC “News 4 New York at 7″ with Pei-Sze Cheng has invited both Sylvie Beljanski, Vice-President of the Beljanski Foundation and John Hall, PhD, its Senior Scientific Advisor, to discuss the remarkable results achieved on ovarian cancer cells with the extracts of Pao pereira and Rauwolfia vomitoria first discovered by Mirko Beljanski.

Learn more about the study on ovarian and pancreatic cancer underway at University of Kansas>>

“DNA Destabilization, Cancer, and Inflammation”

by John L. Hall, PhD., Senior Scientific Advisor, The Beljanski Foundation, Inc.DNA Destabilization, Cancer, and Inflammation

First published in December 2011 as Chapter 6. “DNA Destabilization, Cancer and Inflammation” Anti-Aging Therapeutics Volume XIII, 53-64

For many years the central paradigm of cancer research has been that specific mutations in a critical set of regulatory genes cause the disease. The mutational theory of cancer has been such a gripping paradigm that alternative explanations for carcinogenesis have been slow to develop and gain attention. This paper will introduce an alternative theory of cancer – the theory of DNA destabilization.

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“How One Man’s Courage s Helping Cancer Patients Across America”

” The history of science is filled with stories of men and women who, with their breakthrough discoveries, challenged the existing powerful interests of their day. These heroes of science (who often became political heroes as well) often demonstrated great courage to face off against extremely well funded, established and profitable cartels like the intertwined interests of the chemical and food industries and the cancer and medical establishments. These scientific pioneers frequently suffered greatly for their courage in advocating truth over traditional theories, however unpopular and unwanted the truth may have been—at least by the most powerful moneyed interests…”

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The Columbia Connection

Today, prostate cancer is the second most common cause of cancerous death among men worldwide, in particular throughout Europe and the United States. When prostatic tissue is examined microscopically, cancer is found in 50 percent of males over age 70 and in virtually all males over age 90. Most of the time, such cancers never cause symptoms, but 3 percent of men exhibiting diseased prostate tissue changes die of the malignancy.
Dr Katz from Columbia University said : “The bottom line is that it appears our early
results are reason to be very encouraged by Beljanski’s extracts’ ability to lower PSA and help older men urinate better, too.”
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