54 – Showdomycine et biosynthèse d’ARN non complémentaires de l’ADN

Annales Institut Pasteur, 1970, 118, pp. 253-276

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ABSTRACT: Showdomycin, even at concentrations which do not affect bacterial growth, causes in E. coli, B. cereux and A. faecalis, a massive biosynthesis of rapidly labelled RNAs, which are no longer complementary to DNA. In addition in E. coli, the more thoroughly investigated organism, even non-inhibitory concentrations of the antibiotic provoke the synthesis of ribosomal 23 S RNA with a base ratio very different (excess of A and G nucleotides), from that of 16 S RNA and 4 S RNA. A similar change in RNA composition is observed in a showdomycin resistant mutant of E. coli, the growth rate of which is not lower than that of the wild type. RNA polymerase DNA dependent from the mutant has a very reduced specific activity; polynucleotide phosphorylase from the same mutant has new properties. Polynucleotide phosphorylase could in vivo be responsible for the synthesis of the modified RNAs.

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Posted in Mirko Beljanski's Scientific publications.