World Cancer Day: Tuesday, February 4, 2021

On Tuesday February 4th, The Beljanski Foundation will stand with cancer leaders, health professionals, and supporters across the world to acknowledge World Cancer Day. The goal of World Cancer Day is to raise awareness of the millions of people worldwide facing the challenges of cancer.

To this end, The Beljanski Foundation is working to cure cancer the natural way by researching effective non-toxic natural answers to cancer that work both alone and in synergy with traditional western medicine.

In honor of World Cancer Day, anyone purchasing Winning The War On Cancer: The Epic Journey Towards a Natural Cure from The Beljanski Foundation will receive a complimentary box of OnkoTea® courtesy of Maison Beljanski.

100% of author Sylvie Beljanski’s proceeds from the sale of Winning The War On Cancer: The Epic Journey Towards a Natural Cure are always donated to The Beljanski Foundation help fund anticancer research to cure cancer the natural way.

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The Beljanski Foundation shares its breakthrough discoveries in environmental medicine with the world. More specifically, we research the solutions nature has to offer. Our cellular research is at the forefront of the holistic medical community today.

With your help we can continue our cutting edge research.

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What Are Healthy Tuesdays?

Our popular holistic health networking event series is now virtual. In 2018, we launched a series of events at Maison Beljanski called Healthy Tuesdays to help people Feel Better Naturally. This created a community of healthcare professionals who come together on a regular basis to share groundbreaking information, all related to holistic health, and also a community of people eager to learn more about the resources that those healthcare professionals may offer. Each event features experts in integrative medicine, raffle giveaways and a fun, informative, interactive experience via Zoom from the comfort of your own home.

2/16 Topic: A Natural Approach to Cancer Prevention
Speakers: Dr. Lawrence Palevsky and Sylvie Beljanski
3/16 Topic: Follow Your Gut | Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month 
Speakers: Dr. Joel Furhman and Sylvie Beljanski
4/6 Topic: Immunity or Immunization?
Speakers: Dr. Will Cole and Sylvie Beljanski
5/18 Topic: Sun: Friend or Foe? | Skin Cancer Awareness Month
Speakers: To Be Announced
6/15 Topic: Cancer Support For Men’s Health
Speakers: Cheri L. Ambrose and Dr. John Hall

Virtual Healthy Tuesdays is brought to you by Sylvie Beljanski, Maison Beljanski and The Beljanski Foundation. 100% of all proceeds from the event will go to The Beljanski Foundation to support Cancer Research. $5 Tickets include entry to all raffle giveaways at the conclusion of the event.

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