Testimony colon cancer, ramifications in the peritoneum and fatty parts

The goal is not only the goal but the path that leads to it and with a friend the journey of a lifetime is always easier in his company. I like to start this letter by specifying that this “friend” is “Beljanski products.

Good news ! After these last few months, very “sharp” control visits (scanner, ultrasound, MRI, colonoscopy), I have come back from a long way, as the Oncologist liked to say (removal of the right part of the colon, removal of the entire peritoneum with hot chemo). I am in remission! The first operation took place in July 2006 followed by 12 months of chemo, the second in September 2007 with 1h30 of hot chemo during the operation. In a year, if this continues and there is no reason, I will be declared “cured”.

With faith and confidence in your products, we have succeeded! As Albert Camus said: “In the middle of winter, I finally learned that there was an invincible SUMMER in me!”. You have to believe it and I keep telling the patients I meet. THANKS to Dr. BELJANSKI, his wife, his collaborators and researchers. Thank you to you for all the happiness received. During these four years when everything was not always all rosy but “LIFE is a rainbow. You need rain and sun to see the colors ”(Jules RENARD). To feel, day after day, the small results acquired is an unparalleled joy and that only a patient can feel it. I cannot encourage these people enough to take your products and I will even go so far as to say that it is a grace of God for me to have been sick. This made me discover the benefits that surround us and that help us: food supplements! As these words are “modest” and friends. It strengthened me not only in my faith, but in the faith of human and natural knowledge. We came from the Earth and only it can heal us if we respect it. Thank you again to you, I allow myself to join a modest check (with my retirement of minimum wage) to help you continue your research. I will continue to share the Beljanski information with those around me, although at times I encounter some reluctance from “medical specialists”.

I pass a scanner in March 2012, the results are reassuring, nothing more to say; Thank you, thank you again to Beljanski products which contributed to this happy ending.

With all my gratitude and best regards.

Confirmed in October 2012