Colonoscopy from May 2016 was problem free

Disease declared in 2008

Confirmed in January 2013

Beljanski: a healthy cancer treatment without chemicals

From July 2007 to January 2008, I was treated for severe pain in my right crural nerve. I suffered: stretching at a physiotherapist, electrotherapy, morphine patches (which made me vomit bile; my liver cannot stand this kind of product, not even paracetamol).

In January 2008: operation between 4th and 5th vertebra, when sciatica wakes up! Then, in the nursing home, I still had pain on the right side of the lower abdomen, despite swimming pool, electrotherapy, nothing calmed the pain!

On April 30, 2008, after vomiting blood, I found myself in the emergency room.

The next morning I was informed that I had colon cancer.

Operated one month later for a perforated colon tumor. It was also necessary to sew up the bladder and remove 25 lymph nodes.

I went into recovery where I was fed “organic”. In August, I was called in by the surgeon who wanted me to do chemo. I refused, given the state I was in with the morphine.

On August 18, I went to see a Doctor who could advise me on “Beljanski” products. Forty-eight hours later, I started taking Ginkgo V, Pao V, Rovol V. A month and a half later, the markers were good, always with “organic” food, and fresh vegetable juice.

In 2009, I had to be operated on for 2 hernias and had a check-up colonoscopy.

The surgeon couldn’t believe that I was so well, no more traces of cancer. Of course we watch the markers from time to time.

Thank you, Mr. Beljanski, for finding a healthy treatment, without chemicals: justice will be done to you one day, I am sure! Thank you also to your family who follow your “path” and to the volunteers of CIRIS for their dedication.