testimonial colon and stomach cancer

Colon and stomach cancer lynch syndrome or hnpcc

During colonoscopy my doctor discovered a adenocarcinoma in my gastric tract, which required an immediate colectomy (removal of part of my colon). The lab report further showed a vascular embolism leading to a 6 months session of chemotherapy.

Four years later, during my annual check-up, my doctor discovered another gastric tumor leading to the surgeon performing a total gastrectomy (removal of the stomach). This was a very difficult surgery which left lasting impacts on my life

In October of that year, my doctors discovered a polyp that could not be removed via a colonoscopy, and another part of my colon was removed. The doctor then performed a genetic analysis with the diagnosis being Lynch syndrome or Hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer (HNPCC). This disease results in a strong predisposition to the development of cancer and adenomas (benign tumors) in more than 40% of all cases. 

My CEA markers (carcinoembryonic antigen markers) were again on the rise, indicating that the cancer has returned. The doctors suggested an exploratory surgery, which I decided against due to my physical condition (I weighed only 55 kg or 120 pounds at that time). It seemed like the doctors have already decided what my fate is going to be. 

Just a few weeks earlier, I learned about the Beljanski Approach to Wellness and Mirko Beljanski’s plant extracts. I began taking 9 capsules of Pao Pereira and Rauwolfia vomitoria per day. Soon after my CEA markers have dropped and during the next meeting with my doctor, he surprisingly concluded that there was no longer need for surgery. 

There were no side effects to this treatment either. 

I kept taking this dosage of Beljanski’s plant extracts for 4 years when I reduced it to 4 capsules of each extract per day. I can testify to their power and the fact that my body experienced no side effects. While non-toxic, these plant extracts brough me great comfort and improvement to my health. 

I am astonished that Beljanski’s plant extracts are not available on the French market, reimbursed by medical insurance and only available to a small number of patients.

I express my deep gratitude to Professor Mirko Beljanski for all his work that went into developing these formulations.


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