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In its December edition, the French magazine "Séniors Actuels" dedicated a two-page article to The Beljanski Foundation. Below is a translation of the interview with Sylvie Beljanski

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The Beljanski FoundationThe other approach to cancer

For more than 20 years, the Beljanski Foundation has been supporting numerous research programs. Its goal is to provide effective, natural, non-toxic answers to the fight cancer. We spoke with Sylvie Beljanski, who continues the scientific legacy of her father.

  • Séniors Actuels: Sylvie Beljanski, hello. You are the daughter of Monique and Mirko Beljanski. Speaker and author of the book, Winning The War On Cancer. The Epic Journey Towards a Natural Cure, you also hold the position of Founder and Vice President of the Foundation. So that our readers can learn a little more about you, could you tell us who your father was?

Sylvie Beljanski: Hello. Yes, of course. My father was a molecular biologist and researcher at the Pasteur Institute. His work focused in particular on the mechanisms of gene activation, cell division and tissue development of healthy and malignant cells. He discovered that cellular DNA changes when exposed to carcinogens, pollutants and toxic molecules. He developed a biochemical test, called the Oncotest, to identify the carcinogenic/anticarcinogenic potential of different molecules in our daily environment. To do this, he focused his research on two specific plant extracts, the Pao pereira and Rauwolfia vomitoria. By studying their toxicological and pharmacological properties and by analyzing their mechanism of action, he realized that the extracts not only destroyed cancerous cells, but that they had no toxic effect on healthy cells.

  • Séniors Actuels: In a way, your father was a visionary.

Sylvie Beljanski: Yes, he was. At the time, Dr. Bouanchaud of the Pasteur Institute called him a precursor, but his discoveries were too visionary for his peers. After the death of President François Mitterrand (who used Beljanski® products to control his advanced prostate cancer), his work was discredited. He was indicted and forbidden to continue his research. Hundreds of users of his products took to the streets to show their support. Sadly, Beljanski died two years later, without even having been heard by the courts. The case was brought before the European Court of Human Rights and in 2002, 4 years after his death, a unanimous judgment pronounced the condemnation of France.

  • Séniors Actuels: What is his image twenty years later?

Sylvie Beljanski: Today, if you do a google search in France, Mirko Beljanski is still presented as a researcher with controversial discoveries, even though no scientific publication has come to invalidate them. On the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, it is the opposite trend. Major American universities confirm his work, and several lives are now devoted to him.

  • Séniors Actuels: Now that we know a little more about your father, could you tell us about the actions of the foundation?

Sylvie Beljanski: The Beljanski Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded by my mother in 1999 in New York City. Together with her little European sister La Fondation Beljanski, created in 2010, they work together and in conjunction with academic institutions. Their mission is to raise funds to develop research programs highlighting the benefits of a holistic and non-toxic approach to cancer and other chronic diseases. Until now, all research programs (prostate, ovarian, breast and pancreatic cancers) have been successfully completed and resulted in numerous publications in peer-reviewed journals. These publications are available to the public on the Beljanski.org website. I will conclude with a quote from my father, typically representative of his dedication to science: “When we have the power to help, we have the duty to do so”. Given the number of cancer cases in the world, which unfortunately continues to increase, a different approach, in harmony with the benefits of nature, represents a considerable hope.

“I read this book as an action or counter-espionage novel, but what is surprising is that the reality exceeds the fiction, and I learned many exciting and surprising things…but above all how much it is a human and scientific adventure, written with a lively, endearing narrative, with warmth, emotion, and accessible by all… It is also a story of honor and morality in a world that has become the opposite, where this scientific saga, served by an extraordinary family that has led an exemplary fight, is a great lesson for youth who are looking for role models, and God knows if Dr. Beljanski, to whom many people owe their lives, is one of them in every respect, and will never perish. This is my intimate conviction, having had the chance to meet him.”

Doctor Jean-Paul Seynhaeve – France.

Sylvie Beljanski donates 100% of her author proceeds from Winning The War On Cancer to The Beljanski Foundation Foundation to help fund anticancer research to cure cancer the natural way.

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