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Consumer demand for innovative and well-studied products is higher than ever, especially in the area of immunity.

It is known that a healthy gut with a rich and varied microbiome is a key factor for healthy immunity. Healthy gut bacteria like E. coli K-12 can play a critical role in maintaining strong immunity by serving as a supply of RNA fragments. So, by having a gut that is rich in good flora like E. coli K-12, the body is a kind of natural RNA-fragment making machine.

Sylvie Beljanski and Dr. John Hall of The Beljanski Foundation

A Natural Cure:Dr. Beljanski's Discovery

Dr. Mirko Beljanski discovered that E. coli RNA fragments catalyze the formation of white blood cells and platelets in the bone marrow. These ready-made E. Coli K12 RNA fragments (marketed as a dietary supplement under the name ReaLBuild) specifically stimulate the production of these vital immune cells without inducing any toxic side effects. Essential fact: this stimulation is selective and physiological–it only promotes the formation of the desired cells and it restores normal not excessive cell counts even in cases of overdose. And above all, it only stimulates production of normal cells, not cancer cells.

This product is therefore a catalyst for the proliferation of immune cells by the bone marrow. Studies have shown that these fragments also induce the differentiation of bone marrow stem cells into granulocytes, lymphocytes and platelets. When given to chemotherapy patients they prevent the bone marrow damage often caused by these aggressive treatments by maintaining the immune system and avoiding aplasia. With these “ready-made” RNA fragments, a kind of perfect immune support is available.

E. coli K12 RNA fragments are best described as “primers” rather “stimulants”, because simple stimulation of the immune system can generate an unbalanced immune response, especially in individuals who are already sick and receiving various drugs. This never happens with a physiological primer that provides the body with the natural tools it needs to function optimally.

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