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This event featured the latest information on Vaccine Booster, Vaccine Detox. Sylvie Beljanski and a special guest speaker in integrative medicine, shared information and provided people with a unique perspective on the topic that they won’t find anywhere else!

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Vaccine Booster, Vaccine Detox

Welcome to Virtual Healthy Tuesdays On Demand, brought to you by Sylvie Beljanski, Maison Beljanski and The Beljanski Foundation.

After two dreadful years of covid-19 restrictions, and fears of war, economic downturn, and bitter political and social divisions, we are not doing well; as a society or individually. Individually, there is not much each of us can do to heal the planet, except for making responsible choices whenever we can. We can show with our wallets our support for organic farming, natural medicine and responsible sourcing. Individually, we have to acknowledge the toxicity of the microcosmos in which we live, and address it. It is not always easy to acknowledge it, because with time we become “cozy” with our toxic symptoms. When heartburn or painful joints become part of our daily experience, we tend to accept those symptoms as “a normal part of aging”. Acceptance seems like the first reasonable step, and medication the inevitable second step.

Well, it does not have to be so. Watch this Virtual Healthy Tuesday On Demand Event to learn more.

Meet The Speaker

Sylvie Beljanski

  • Natural Health Advocate
  • Entrepreneur
  • Keynote Speaker
  • Award Winning Author

Powerful points shared by
Sylvie Beljanski and a Special Guest Speaker:

  • Vaccines work by helping to develop immunity by imitating an infection thus causing the immune system to produce T-lymphocytes and antibodies. A minor imitation infection may occur, but once it goes away the body is left with a supply of “memory” T-lymphocytes, as well as B-lymphocytes that will remember how to fight that infection in the future.
  • The idea of creating a minor infection to induce an immune response has been around as early as 1000 CE.
  • Vaccine mandates have been seen in the United States since 1777, and for as long as they have existed, there has been health problems.
  • The biggest problems associated with vaccines usually occur due to the preservatives added to the vaccine such as mercury, which is directly linked to autism.
  • The mRNA COVID-19 vaccine contains no known harmful ingredients.
  • The CDC and European researchers promised the COVID-19 vaccine does not change or interact with your DNA in any way.
  • The reality is the US Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System has logged over 1,000,000 COVID jab related adverse events including, but not limited to:
    • Heart failure
    • Pulmonary hypertension
    • Diabetes
    • Kidney damage
    • Seizures
    • Headaches
    • Strokes
  • What can you do?
    • Follow the Beljanski® Approach to Wellness:
      • Step 1: AVOID and remove toxins
        • Detoxify by removing heavy metals, supporting your liver and removing toxins
      • Step 2: RESTORE balance and rejuvenate
        • Support your gut integrity with good flora, probiotics, omegas and enzymes
      • Step 3: ACHIEVE homeostasis at the DNA level
        • Repair the body in the short term with an ice pack to reduce inflammation and in the long term through vitamins A, B, C, D3, zinc and a combination of fasting and Pao pereira
        • Strengthen your immune system with RNA fragments to naturally boost white blood cells and platelets
    • Always keep a healthy diet and supplement with natural vitamins.
  • Your microbiome changes based on your environment and encounters you have. It influences us by communicating with mitochondria. Whenever we have a new exposure, they operate differently.
  • Part of the purpose of a vaccine is to stress and challenge the body, which causes a body response. People who’s bodies are already responding to a stress or challenge, whether it be a food, a supplement or a vaccine, may suffer a negative response.
  • Every layer of the body is affected whenever we are exposed to any sort of stress and we should address each layer individually for maximum benefit.
  • The body itself is usually very good at detoxifying, so the goal should be to prioritize based on the individual’s needs.
  • Suggestions on how to detoxify:
    • Dry brushing is a gentle, easy to do yourself way to move lymphatic fluid and detox
    • Hot/Cold Showers
    • Bitter tonics such as dandelion root
    • Natural botanicals such as ginger, cumin, Japanese knotweed, probiotics

100% of the proceeds from the event will go to
The Beljanski Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit,
to help fund anticancer research to cure cancer the natural way.


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