Pao pereira for RNA Viruses

HIV, Influenza, and TMV

In his patent, ‘Antiviral Preparations’, Dr. Mirko Beljanski shows that the active compound of the Pao pereira extract inhibits human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection (1). The patent provides data to justify this claim from cell based assays and a human clinical trial.

The assays demonstrated that the extract reduces the ‘infectious capability’ of HIV. In the clinical trial the patients enrolled were HIV positive, but taking the Pao extract for a year reduced the viral load, restored normal T lymphocyte ratios and bolstered their immune system. None of the patients progressed to more serious immune deficiency (AIDS) and none succumbed to secondary infections of any kind. The extract itself was well tolerated and safe (2).

In an earlier patent primarily focused on anti-cancer activity, Beljanski also showed that the extract is effective against influenza virus, significantly reducing pulmonary congestion through a ‘notable inhibition of influenza virus multiplication’ (3).

And in the course of experiments with plants he found that the Pao extract inhibits replication of the tobacco mosaic virus (TMV). So Pao pereira functions as an anti-viral in plants as well as animals!

What do these viruses have in common with the Coronavirus?


HIV, influenza and TMV are all RNA viruses (as opposed to DNA viruses) and this appears to be the key to the extract’s activity. By binding to and blocking replication of the RNA viral genomes the extract prevents the production of new viruses and thereby curtails infections.

It is noteworthy that Coronavirus (COVID-19), is also an RNA virus and we can speculate that the Pao pereira extract might well be active against this new virus. Of course it has yet not been possible to conduct any tests so we don’t have scientific data. For now, we are left with a provocative thought: potential anti-coronavirus activity of Pao pereira is consistent with it’s established activity against other RNA viruses including flu and HIV.

Data from the ‘Antiviral Preparations’ patent showing anti-HIV activity of the Pao pereira extract also reveals anti-inflammatory effects. Levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines TNFalpha and IL-6 were normalized in the HIV positive patients. So the extract serves as an antiviral as well as a suppressor of inflammation caused by the viral infection.