Fibrosis and Cellular Deregulation

How to protect yourself from the side effects of radiotherapy

How can you protect yourself from the immediate or delayed side effects of radiotherapy, so often prescribed in conventional cancer care? This is a question Dr. Mirko Beljanski wanted to answer and carried out extensive research before succeeding in isolating a molecule from the tree called ginkgo biloba. The efficacy of Beljanski’s ginkgo biloba extract has been proven by scientific studies and confirmed by results obtained in people undergoing radiation therapy.

A question motivated Dr. Mirko Beljanski: how to protect people from side effects of conventional cancer treatment, including radiotherapy? Indeed, radiation does not only affect the areas treated, but often affects other parts of the body which do not need radiation and disrupts the functioning of cells. Even though modern radiation therapies are increasingly designed to reduce this from happening and the severity of damage it causes, fibrosis of the tissues between the area of ​​the body exposed to radiation and the targeted tumor remains a major problem, especially for head and neck cancers.

The French National Cancer Institute (INC) specifies on its website the multiple side effects of radiation are to be expected, which vary depending on the part of the body receiving treatment (brain, breast, intestine, etc.). Some of these effects appear quickly, but others appear long after treatment.

Gingko Biloba, the Only Tree to Resist the Hiroshima Bomb


In his desire to find a solution, Dr. Beljanski became interested in ginkgo biloba when he learned that six of these trees growing in Hiroshima, a few kilometers from where the atomic bomb exploded in 1945, survived the explosion and resumed their growth without genetic mutation. He speculated that the tree must contain a molecule that protects against radioactivity. After much research, he was able to isolate this molecule from the leaves of the tree, at the stage where they turn golden. This research led to a scientific publication.

Beljanski’s Extract of Ginkgo Biloba Protects Cells from Radiation

The Beljanski extract of Ginkgo biloba taken during and after exposure to radiation protects, prevents and even reverses – some even go so far as to say “cures” – fibrosis and restores the cellular mechanism disrupted by radiation.

As Dr. Beljanski reported, the data showed that “radiation-induced skin fibrosis can be attenuated or even suppressed in vivo by a biological regulator” such as that found in the golden leaf extract of Ginkgo.

The mechanism of action of this extract is explained here on The Beljanski Foundation website.

Please Remember

Dr. Beljanski’s ginkgo biloba extract is very different from ginkgo biloba extracts found on the market, some of which are criticized today, and which mainly aim to improve blood circulation.

On the other hand, Dr. Beljanski’s work has also focused on other side effects of radiation therapy that harm the immune system. Beljanski’s Pao pereira extract and the RNA fragments called ReaLBuild allow the body to effectively fight against these other side effects.