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His story against Throat Cancer by Dr. Morton Walker

From the age of fourteen, Yvon P. had earned his living as a professional fisherman in the Bay of Biscay off the southern coast of France between the cities of Bayonne and San Sebastian. Monsieur P. worked in that capacity for forty-one years until he sold his boat in his fifty-fifth year and took on the role of professional fishing consultant and semi-retired regional supervisor of fisheries. At the time of our interview in September 2003 he was seventy-eight years old and leading the life of a contented, fully retired French gentleman.

Yet, Mr. P. did not always have a life of contentment. Almost eight years before our meeting, it had been predicted by medical specialists that the retired fisherman would be dead within three to six months first because of testicular cancer then because of throat cancer that had been resistant to conventional treatment. Yet, while non-responsive to usual anticancer treatment, the case history of Mr. P.’s malignancy is straightforward. He told me about his experience:

“At age seventy, I was keeping myself fit, which was my habit from those past times when I used my strength to haul anchors, lift loaded fish crates, shovel ice, and pull the fish-filled nets on board my boat,” says the former fisherman. “During that time following my formal retirement from any kind of work between ages fifty-five to sixty-five, I habitually pedaled a bicycle over country roads for twenty to thirty miles a day. This was just one of the exercises that I practiced regularly. Many other forms of fitness were part of my usual routine.

“One day, after cycling for a full morning, I returned home for lunch and sensed that a pain was affecting my throat when I swallowed. So I asked my wife, ‘Please look in my mouth; maybe I swallowed a fly or some other insect because it feels like there suddenly is a lump down my throat.’ My wife checked inside and saw at the back a white oval object about the size of a pigeon egg,” Monsieur P. explains. “Before that moment, I had no idea it was lodged there because I never before had felt anything. So the next day I consulted my family physician about the problem.

“After he examined me, our family doctor prescribed an antibiotic on the presumption that I was suffering from an infection. The antibiotic did nothing to take away my discomfort or shrink the throat lump. Thereafter, the doctor suggested that I visit an ear, nose, and throat specialist who also prescribed an antibiotic—a different one. And that prescription didn’t give me any relief either. I still had the lump stuck in my throat and now the pain was increasing so much I could no longer ignore it. Upon my return to the throat specialist, he heard my complaint, looked inside my mouth again, observed elsewhere around my head and neck, and plainly stated, ‘I’m going to have to operate on your throat because you have a growth down there.’”

The otolaryngologist did perform surgery on Mr. P. and discovered, after histological examination, that his patient suffered from a very serious malignancy of the oropharynx, that upper part of the throat that can be seen when one says Ahhh. The fisherman’s cancer was at Stage III. That meant he had a 10 to 20 percent chance of living five years. The malignancy had metastasized all through his mouth, throat, tonsils, paranasal sinuses, salivary glands, nasopharynx, hypopharynx, larynx, and into other parts of the neck. The medical records indicate that it was improbable this patient would survive beyond twenty weeks.

Although Yvon P. never mentioned during the course of our interview that he had been a smoker, it’s well-established that almost all cases of oropharyngeal cancer are related to cigarette smoking or pipe smoking or tobacco chewing. Heavy alcohol consumption along with tobacco use further increase the risk. For oncologists, the preferred conventional treatment involves preoperative chemotherapy, then surgery combined with postoperative radiotherapy.

“I don’t care what the medical books say, I have never smoked in my entire life,” Yvon P. told me emphatically. “Nobody in the hospital could determine why or from where my throat cancer arose. The clinicians nevertheless went ahead and gave me post-operative treatment with radiotherapy.

“I underwent twenty radiation treatments for twenty days at three throat [laryngeal] sites,” continues Mr. P. “After that, I underwent six chemotherapy sessions. I was allowed to rest, untreated, for another month when the throat specialist and his colleagues examined me again. It was then that I learned that their treatments were not working, and my prognosis was exceedingly poor. They informed me that I would be dead in three months or at the most would live just six months more.

“What the clinicians did not know is that I had just started taking Dr. Beljanski’s products simultaneously while nearing the end of receiving both the radiotherapy and chemotherapy,” says Mr. P. “I did this because my studying of the textbooks on cancer informed me that its conventional ways of treatment with those damned X-ray burnings and chemical poisonings not only would be making me feel awfully sick but also I would be coughing up blood, unable to speak, experiencing burns of the surrounding tissues, losing saliva, having a continuous feeling of dry mouth, lacking appetite, and worse. My reading informed me that Beljanski’s supplements (Pao pereira, Rauwolfia vomitoria, Golden leaf of Ginkgo Biloba) —in particular his ginkgo extract—would protect me from all of those negative side effects, and they did. Thus, acting on Beljanski’s recommendations, and although the cancer clinicians’ burnings and poisonings of my throat tumors did nothing to shrink them, I experienced no negative responses whatsoever.

“My results from using Beljanski’s products (Pao pereira, Rauwolfia vomitoria, Golden leaf of Ginkgo Biloba) have been spectacular. I originally took them to counteract any possible side effects from the conventional cancer therapies, but I have continued to swallow Beljanski’s supplements because they are keeping me alive and well,” Yvon P. says. “I have been examined by the very best medical authorities in the Bordeaux area, and these doctors are at a loss to find any reason why I remain in the great shape that they see.

“My throat cancer disappeared at the end of one year after I started on Beljanski’s recommended herbs when that tumor should have killed me eight years ago.

“You know what I do to keep myself well? I’ll advise you, the same as I’ve told the doctors: I continue to take Beljanski’s supplements and they are responsible for my full recovery with the good health I am experiencing today. Those doctors don’t have to scratch their heads in puzzlement wondering why I am still alive. Every day I swallow four capsules of two of Beljanski’s anticancer botanicals (Pao pereira, Rauwolfia vomitoria). The results are there to be seen, and I am still here to be seen.” Mr. P. assured me, “Those Beljanski pills are part of my regular daily food supply, and they will remain so as long as I live.”

Cancer's Cause Cancer's Cure by M.WalkerExcerpts from Cancer’s Cause, Cancer’s Cure: The Truth about Cancer, Its Causes, Cures, and Prevention” by Morton Walker

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