Esophageal Cancer – Robert I.

 ILLAT Robert

April 2005, I was diagnosed with esophagus cancer (high level epidermal carcinoma of the esophagus). For many months, I had trouble swallowing, but I didn’t say anything, thinking it would get better. Then one day I couldn’t breathe, and I couldn’t even swallow liquid.

I was hospitalized, a protocol had been established and since that of June, after many exams (I am diabetic, and I have a heart condition), I began high levels of radiation and chemotherapy. I was very ill, I lost a lot of weight and the doctors gave me only three-four months to live.

My friends gave me the 3rd edition of the series of “Dialogue,” (the magazine edited by CIRIS, the   Beljanski Foundation’s partner in France) and I discovered the Beljanski approach.

Radiation burned the skin of my right shoulder, I got sclerosis of the jugular vein, and I suffered from dysphonia.

I started to take Beljanski’s formulations mid-July 2005: seven capsules of Pao Pereira and, six capsules of Ginkgo biloba each day, and two doses of RNA fragments each week. A 12-hour operation was scheduled for the end of August. The assessment was favorable (in response to the treatments and Beljanski’s formulas.) To my great relief and to the relief of the surgeon, I could avoid this operation. The last of the radiation and chemotherapy sessions were better and ended in of August 2005.

I have been in complete remission for 14 months. My general practitioner says it is a miracle! I follow a regular regiment, and I take six capsules of Pao Pereira and four capsules of Ginkgo biloba each day.

I express my gratitude to Professor Beljanski, his wife, their team, and to my friends who put me in contact with them.

Montferrier, June, 2010

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