Leukemia – Mr. Pascal M.


At  38, I am happily married and the father of three. This is truly a miracle. In 1992, I was diagnosed with a very serious form of leukemia. I was aware of the work and discoveries of Dr. Mirko Beljanski, I began using the Beljanski® products one month later (specifically Pao pereira and Golden leaf of Ginkgo biloba extracts as well as RNA fragments).

I underwent two years of grueling chemotherapy. I complemented the Beljanski® treatments with a spiritual attitude as well as a change in diet. I have been in complete remission for seven years and my medical history is often discussed at seminars in 2006. My general state of health is excellent, although I have suffered side effects from chemotherapy.

I believe my recovery was due to the synergetic action between the very toxic official treatments, and the benefits I obtained from the Beljanski® supplement products.

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