Colon Cancer – Josette V.


In April 1992, I was 46 years old. After a long period of stress, emotional problems, lack of magnesium, fatigue, and irregular bowel movement, I had a colonoscopy by the order of my physician. The diagnosis was left colon cancer without lymph node involvement.

The operation was set for 72 hours after the colonoscopy. They removed the tumor and 20 cm of colon. The surgeon did not think it useful to do a treatment.

I became active again, but in November 1994, the symptoms reappeared (fatigue, blood in stool). I had another colonoscopy. The result was the same as the first time. There was recurrence on the scar, a tumor of the same type as in 1992. Therefore, they reoperated and removed another part of the colon.

After this second operation, the surgeon and the cancer doctor suggested preventative chemotherapy lasting six months, one session lasting one hour each day, during one week every three weeks: 30 sessions in total. After a lot of questions about the side effects, the doctor said I would not loose my hair, the nausea would be very rare and there is an 80% chance of no recurrence of the cancer, but there is 20% of doubt.

I had to decide very quickly. After two days of reflexion, I decided to accept this treatment. I started it in the beginning of January 1995 and finished in June.

I did not loose my hair, but I was nauseas all the time. When that subsided, I underwent the chemotherapy session again for one week. The treatment was finished, and I lost 10 kg.

Better late than never, in July 1995, I met a friend who told me about the Beljanski approach and a book called “La Sante Confisquee.” By chance, this book was in my library. I reread the book more seriously, and I contacted the doctor recommended to me by my friend. I wanted to avoid that 20% failure announced by the oncologist.

I learned about Beljanski’s formulations and with this doctor’s advice, I took 6 capsules Pao pereira + 6 capsules Rauwolfia vomitoria + 6 capsules Golden leaf Ginkgo biloba each day and twice a week, I took one dose of Beljanski’s RNA fragments for a period of six months, and I took the other gelcaps for four or five years. Since then, I have continued to take two or three capsules of Pao pereira and Rauwolfia vomitoria per day.

After the first few years, the regular exams have become more spread out. On my own initiative, I have had a colonoscopy every three years, an ultrasound and blood taken to verify the ACE & CA markers 19.9. All the exams to this day have positive results.

Since July 2004, I enjoy a retirement that will hopefully be long. I garden, do odd jobs, I maintain the house, I practice yoga regularly…I am doing well.

I think that thanks to Beljanski’s ingredients, to anti-oxidants and to probiotics, I escaped the 20% failure rate.

Thank you again to everyone who taught me about the Beljanski method and of course a huge thank you to the Beljanski family and the whole team of CIRIS.

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