AIDS (Stage IV C2) and Hepatitis C – Francine B.

BOQUET Francine

December 1984: I was at the hospital for an operation when I suffered a severe hemorage. Over 69 bags of blood were used to save my life. A month later, the first of a series of infections began, which ended up lasting four years.

At the beginning of October 1988, my treating physician had me take an AIDS test. The results: positive, stage 4 C2. I had also acquired Hepatitis C from the blood transfusions. My doctor suggested letting the hospital take over from there. I categorically refused, ever conscious of the fact that even if my 1984 operation had saved my life, the transfusions had taken it away again. My doctor talked to me about a patient with the same illness who could no longer work because his condition had deteriorated so much, but who, following a new treatment, was doing much better and started working again: “I’ll try to find out the name of that product,” he promised us.

It was thus that we met Mirko Beljanski in his modest research laboratory in Ivry. Right away, he explained to us that he was not a doctor, but a biochemist. His conscientiousness inspired confidence. Not long afterwards, I started to take his Pao pereira, an antiviral product that he had developed himself.

I took the latter regularly over the course of one month when, subtly and for the first time in years (since 1985 specifically), my urinary infections disappeared. Since the day I started taking the products, I have not gotten sick. My fatigue rapidly diminished, and I was able to starting working again.

It is now 2010 and I’m still doing well.

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