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Annual Picnic of the Association CIRIS

The inspirational stories below were written by amazing people who have experienced cancer firsthand, and we are happy to be able to honor them here. By sharing these accounts of courage, endurance, strength and even humor, we hope to share a common experience and provide encouragement.

“I’m a poster child for Beljanski’s botanicals. I feared the worst when my doctor told me that I had a PSA count of 19. My doctor told me it was almost certainly prostate cancer, and it had probably metastasized. I found out about these botanicals through Hugo House Publishers. I was skeptical, but I took them. Six weeks later my PSA count was down to 7. Then then it slipped to 5 and has stayed there for over a year.”

Rod W. from Denver, CO

“I could clearly see that the tumor in my breast, […], was growing again. I could feel it getting larger, the nipple was beginning to dimple, something it hadn’t done previously, and new blood vessels were forming just under the skin. It was scary. […]

Then along came this great book: Cancer’s Cause, Cancer’s Cure by Morton Walker. I downloaded it to my Nook and began reading the same day. I confidently ordered the herbal products which Dr. Beljanski had developed because of the years of painstaking research behind them, and their successful track record.”

Rebecca C. from Olympia WA

What is it like to be a patient fighting cancer?

Tell us your story of courage and love, and inspire other survivors and supporters around the world.

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