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fight breast cancer with a cup of tea

How a Select Blend of Green Teas Fights Breast Cancer

The October Issue from The Health Science Institute (HSI) featured the breast cancer research conducted by The Beljanski Foundation on the select blend of green teas discovered by Dr. Mirko Beljanski. This blend of green teas was proven reduce cancer cells and tumors.

Author Michele Cagan’s article titled Defeat Breast Cancer’s Deadliest Weapon With This Delicious Anti-Cancer Tea focuses on the health benefits of consuming green tea, particularly OnkoTeaTM.

Here is an excerpt from the well-documented article:

“…When it comes to anti-cancer powers, not all green teas are the same – some have much stronger healing activity then others. Four specific types of green tea showed much more effectiveness than others: Ceylon Green, Bi Lou Cun, Organic Gunpowder and Dragonwell.

And a revolutionary new blend of select green tea contains all four, offering the highest level of protection against breast cancer – including MCF-7 and highly metastatic triple negative MDA-MB-231 cancer cells. In a head-to-head test against other green teas, this combination demonstrated the most cancer-stopping potential by far. (A second study pitting this select green tea against liver and bladder cancer cells showed equally stunning results.)

What’s more, maximum cancer-fighting power was reached after just 48 hours of exposure to the green-so just image what drinking a few cups of this select green tea every day could do…”

Thank you Michele and HSI for recognizing the work and research being conducted here.

To learn more about this select blend of green teas, please visit here.

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