Dr. Morton Walker: Cancer’s Cause, Cancer’s Cure

by Dr. Morton Walker

Cancer’s Cause, Cancer’s Cure: The Truth about Cancer, Its Causes, Cures, and Prevention. The scientific discoveries of Mirko Beljanski, Ph.D. written by Morton Walker, D.P.M. – Hugo House Publishers (February 9, 2012)

Cancer's Cause Cancer's Cure by M.WalkerIn this book, Dr. Morton Walker enlightens the public about the breakthrough discoveries of Mirko Beljanski, PhD.
The Environment Can Cause-and Cure-Cancer! Out of the labs of the prestigious Pasteur Institute came decades of research that unlocked the mystery of cancer at the DNA level. But we’re only just now finding out about it.
Finally, here is the truth about how carcinogens really work at the DNA level to cause cancer and the story about how one dedicated microbiologist was determined to find a scientifically proven way to handle cancer that didn’t kill the patient!

Morton Walker, D.P.M., is the author of 2000 clinical articles and 92 published books, 14 of which are bestsellers. Dr. Walker is the recipient of 23 medical journalism awards and was named, “The World’s Leading Medical Journalist Specializing in Holistic Medicine” by the American Cancer Control Society.
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