Prostate Cancer – Roland L.


“I’m 75 and I underwent a urinary echography exam followed by a biopsy in March 2003.

The awful result was announced: adenocarcinoma of the prostate.

I decided to take Beljanski’s ingredients (Pao Pereira and Rauwolfia vomitoria). Although my urologist informed me that the best solution in my case was surgical removal of the prostate, I decided to pursue radiation treatments while synergistically benefiting from the radiation-protective effects of Beljanski’s Golden leaf of Ginkgo biloba and RNA fragments.

Diagnosis: “Very reassuring clinical tests, biological exam shows PSA lowered to 1.82, expected to continue decreasing; good clinical results from radiation and biological improvement.”

”Seeing these encouraging results, my doctor exclaimed that this was a “miracle.”

Pancreatic Cancer – Jean Le G.


Assessment 25 years after completing the Beljanski’s ingredients.

“In 1982, only a couple years from retirement, I began to experience digestive problems — the first signs of what would turn out to be a “long and cruel” disease. Wanting to quickly discover the cause of these problems, I saw a general practitioner. From there, I went from specialist to specialist until the diagnosis was finally confirmed by a biopsy. The conclusion unfortunately was pessimistic: it confirmed the existence of a malignant pancreatic tumor.

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Myeloma – Ernest M.


Stricken with myeloma, discovered in September of 1988, my wife underwent very heavy chemotherapy treatments for 4 years. The side effects of these treatments lead to two aplasias at the beginning of 1989 and resulted in her being transferred to intensive care in a coma. Her immune defenses were extremely weak and the doctors’ prognosis was quite bleak.

I don’t think she could have survived these tests had she not received the help of the Beljanski approach in time, ensuring the repair of various cellular anomalies and quickly re-establishing her immune system defenses.

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Lymphoma – Mr. Serge B.

BONNIN Serge“Regarding my illness, I inform you that since December 9, 2005, I was the victim of a Non Hodgkin’s Malignant Lymphoma of high grade, with multiple bone localizations, stage 4.

Since the month of February, after a small confusion made by the doctor’s consultation, I began the Beljanski’s ingredients to complement the chemotherapy CHOP-RITUXIMAB, administered every 2 or 3 weeks.

In June, after a PET scan, they confirmed an almost complete disappearance of traces to bone metastases.

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Lymphoma – Mr. Yvon P.

PAPINEAU YvonIn my head, I tell myself that I’m in a cycling race and that, up until now, it’s been all uphill. With the help of Beljanski’s formulations, I’m still hanging in there and I’ve gotten over the worst of it. The most difficult part is over, and it can only get easier on the descent.

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Acute Myeloblastic Leukemia in a Child with Downs Syndrome – Mr. Vincent G.


by his parents, Mr & Ms G.

“Very quickly, Vincent’s blood levels (which had dropped dramatically because of the chemotherapy) returned to normal when he took Beljanski® products’ “RNA Fragments”. When we experimented by discontinuing his intake of this product, his blood levels again dropped significantly.”

Vincent has Downs syndrome (Trisomy 21) and also was born with acute myeloblastic leukemia. All the specialists predicted that he wouldn’t survive his second year.

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Leukemia – Mr. Pascal M.


At  38, I am happily married and the father of three. This is truly a miracle. In 1992, I was diagnosed with a very serious form of leukemia. I was aware of the work and discoveries of Dr. Mirko Beljanski, I began using the Beljanski® products one month later (specifically Pao pereira and Golden leaf of Ginkgo biloba extracts as well as RNA fragments).

I underwent two years of grueling chemotherapy. I complemented the Beljanski® treatments with a spiritual attitude as well as a change in diet. I have been in complete remission for seven years and my medical history is often discussed at seminars in 2006. My general state of health is excellent, although I have suffered side effects from chemotherapy.

I believe my recovery was due to the synergetic action between the very toxic official treatments, and the benefits I obtained from the Beljanski® supplement products.

Intestinal Cancer – Jean-Paul le P.

LE PERLIER Jean PaulThe first time I came across Beljanski’s formulations dates back to 1993; not as a sick person, but as a journalist carrying out an investigation AGAINST Mirko Beljanski.

The latter had been described to me as a charlatan pretending to cure cancer and AIDS with some sort of magic powder. Empty promises evidently stemming from the worst form of charlatanism, which I had the firm intention of revealing in a few weeks of investigation among the doctors and patients involved.

My goal was of the most simple nature: find twenty or so victims of these fake medicines ready to testify against this pseudo-scientist. But, despite months of effort, I was not able to find anyone with complaints.

Finally, it took two events which, blow by blow, shook my certainty and forced me to recognize my error.

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Esophageal Cancer – Robert I.

 ILLAT Robert

April 2005, I was diagnosed with esophagus cancer (high level epidermal carcinoma of the esophagus). For many months, I had trouble swallowing, but I didn’t say anything, thinking it would get better. Then one day I couldn’t breathe, and I couldn’t even swallow liquid.

I was hospitalized, a protocol had been established and since that of June, after many exams (I am diabetic, and I have a heart condition), I began high levels of radiation and chemotherapy. I was very ill, I lost a lot of weight and the doctors gave me only three-four months to live.

My friends gave me the 3rd edition of the series of “Dialogue,” (the magazine edited by CIRIS, the   Beljanski Foundation’s partner in France) and I discovered the Beljanski approach.

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Colon Cancer – Josette V.


In April 1992, I was 46 years old. After a long period of stress, emotional problems, lack of magnesium, fatigue, and irregular bowel movement, I had a colonoscopy by the order of my physician. The diagnosis was left colon cancer without lymph node involvement.

The operation was set for 72 hours after the colonoscopy. They removed the tumor and 20 cm of colon. The surgeon did not think it useful to do a treatment.

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Breast Cancer – Mr. Claude F.

FRERE Claude

December 9, 2005, I discovered a lump in the left breast. I got a diagnosis through an ultrasound and biopsy. The verdict was cancer, and my doctor suggested sessions of chemotherapy and radiation.

After reflection, and because I didn’t feel comfortable with this treatment, in February 2006, I consulted another doctor who gave me more hope. This doctor recommended the Beljanski’s ingredients associated with the Breusse cure. On February 11, I started taking 18 capsules per day: 6 capsules 3 times a day, a half hour before each meal: 2 capsules of Pao pereira extract + 2 capsules Rauwolfia vomitoria extract + 2 capsules of Golden leaf of Ginkgo biloba extract.

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Breast Cancer – Genevieve T.

Breast Cancer

“Breast cancer was discovered in April 2005, and I had an operation in July 2005.

The carcinome had spread, was grade 3, and my lymph nodes were very swollen. I refused treatment the first time, and then I agreed to radiation sessions. I stopped after 13 sessions. My body and my mind could no longer handle it. I met a young, attentive oncologist and told her that I would do chemotherapy only if the cancer became metastatic. She called me in September 2005 when the metastases began. I did three of the six sessions. The diagnosis of the specialists were unanimous, and they estimated that I wouldn’t live beyond Spring 2006.

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Breast Cancer – Monique de P.

Breast Cancer

I am a patient with breast cancer. I underwent a complete mastectomy, but there remained a lump in the pectoral muscle, where they could not operate because it would do too much damage.

I underwent a treatment called ARIMIDEX, which was not effective. My cancer was complicated, with bone metastases. The doctor decided on a drip chemotherapy, which did not reassure me, knowing the side effects, as I am a nurse.

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Breast cancer – Mrs. Irène P.

Breast CancerIt was in January 1993 that I was diagnosed with a malignant tumor of the left breast with two ganglia. On March 23, 1993, the level of white blood cells in my blood was below 2, 860 (the norm being located between 4,000 and 10,000) and my cancer specialist informed me that I would have to temporarily stop the 7 month protocol for 1 month in order to wait for my white blood cell levels to go up. It was clear that during this time, I was taking the risk that the cancer would become more resistant …

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Brain cancer – Guy B.

BOUIN GuyApril 14, 2000, after having difficulty speaking, it got worse and I could no longer speak. I went back to the emergency room at the hospital in LaRochelle. They did a brain scan and diagnosed me with a brain tumor.

April 17, 2000, I had been a new patient in the office of medical imagery of Dr. A. R. to undergo a brain scan. The results confirmed a tissue lesion of 28×22 mm, developed in the front temporal left region

First, the doctors decided to resorb the edema so that I could speak again, which seemed like the proper solution. Later, I learned that the doctors told my wife that I had only one month to live.

May 8, 2000, at Chu de Poitiers, I signed a consent form for treatment of primitive brain lymphomas by a combination of different doses of ZAVEDOS in association with methotrexate, vindesine, and prednisolone.

This experimental protocol of chemotherapy did not do anything for the brain tumor, but I came back with blocked kidneys, a new difficulty to overcome.

In June 2000, I began a series of 30 sessions of radiation. On July 4, 2000, I underwent a new cerebral scanner under the direction of Dr. Rosine H. at La Rochelle. In his summary, Dr. Beatrice A. indicates: “insufficient kidney function after chemotherapy.”

A dynamic member of CIRIS, and one of my friends, gave me information about the Beljanski® products, to be used in synergy with conventional treatments. I cannot thank him enough for his help and his devotion. I thus understood that the active substance in Dr. Beljanski’s Pao pereira extract was capable of passing the barrier for selectively destroying cancerous cells. It is an extraordinary property for a product that is natural.
This information had also been scientifically demonstrated in a document in my possession and is available to the secretary of volunteers of CIRIS.

October 12, 2000 I consulted with a recommended doctor in Royan, who knew about the discoveries of the researcher Mirko Beljanski. I began to take the Beljanski® dietary supplements from Natural Source International, Ltd.

The effective dosage for the first month was 12 gelcaps of Pao V “FM”® each day or 4 gelcaps a half hour before each meal. Also, 6 gelcaps of Ginkgo V® per day or 2 gelcaps before each meal.

For the second month, I reduced to 9 gelcaps of Pao V “FM”® per day while still taking 6 gelcaps of Ginkgo V®.

October 30, 2000, the brain MRI taken at Chu de la Rochelle gave enlightening results signed by the doctor Patrice D. “Cyst of 1 cm…no other localization suspected evident…no abnormality…the exam on this day finds again a left fronto-parietal lesion. This could enter in the scope of a regression of the lesion itself.”

February 5, 2001, MRI of the encephale taken at Chu de la Rochelle by Dr. Patrice D. confirms “presence of cyst of 1 cm…no other recurrance suspected…attempt to control in a delay of six months.”

The doctors consider me in complete remission:
The specialists were very surprised by these results, and they questioned themselves. Fearing hostile reaction at my approach, I did not say anything of the use of the Beljanski® products, which I chose in order to save my life.

As of April 30, 2002, the dosage of Beljanski® products: 9 Pao V “FM”® per day and 1 dose ReaLBuild® each week.
August 7, 2002, brain MRI was taken at CHU of La Rochelle. Dr. Patrice D. writes in his conclusion, “No image of recurrence suspected.”
January 2, 2003 in my last account at Chu de la Rochelle, Dr. Patrice D. in his conclusion of an exam tomodensitometric thoraco-abdomino-pelvien writes “the exam on this day does not show any profound ganglionnaire lesion.”

I am pleased because I was able to take my health into my own hands. The effectiveness of the Beljanski® products, which I ordered through Natural Source International, Ltd., is indisputable, as indicated by my testimony. They had been much help to me and had efficacy in record time. I give much credit to Mirko Beljanski. I wish to be able to help other ill people with inoperable brain tumors.

Since February 4, 2003, to be safe, I followed a regiment of Beljanski® products of 9 Pao V “FM”® each day, 15 days a month and 1 RealBuild® each 15 days. In 2007, I am doing well.