Interview in the “Late Night Health” with Mark Alyn

markalyn_latenight_banner-1On August 29th, Sylvie Beljanski joined Late Night Health for a lively discussion on plant-based foods and Environmental medicine with Mark Alyn.

Late Night Health is a radio show dedicated to provide people with healthcare information covering a wide range of topics such as traditional, complementary, and alternative health issues that people can relate to.

Sylvie Beljanski introduced The Beljanski Foundation and discussed about the legacy of Mirko Beljanski. His early findings at the Pasteur Institute in France focused on the healing power of botanical extracts. Hence, the Beljanski Foundation, in partnership with prestigious American institutions, such as the Columbia University Medical Center and the University of Kansas Medical Center, bases their research on natural compounds with anti-cancer properties (Pao pereira and Rauwolfia vomitoria). The recent research in Environmental Medicine have shown promising results regarding patients diagnosed with cancer.

The promising results represent a significant breakthrough for the Environmental Medicine.

You can listen to the interview (two parts): Part 1   Part 2

Interview in “Hutch in the Morning” on WBTM

Sylvie Beljanski©The Beljanski Foundation, Inc.Sylvie Beljanski was interviewed by Dave “Hutch” Hutcheson on WBTM, in Hutch in the morning to talk about The Beljanski Foundation. Sylvie Beljanski introduced the Foundation and the studies they are conducting based on the research of Mirko Beljanski, considered as the father of Environmental Medicine. The Beljanski Foundation carries on the legacy of Mirko Beljanski by continuing the research against cancer.

You can listen to the interview here.

Interview in “Steve Fast’s Show” on WJBC

1400_wjbcamOn August 28th, Sylvie Beljanski, Vice-President of The Beljanski Foundation, was Steve Fast’s guest on WJBC. Sylvie Beljanski presented Mirko Beljanski’s research on natural compounds with anti-cancer properties such as Pao pereira or Rauwolfia vomitoria extract. She also presented the published research conducted on those compounds by prestigious American institutions, such as Columbia University Medical Center and the Cancer Treatment Centers of America and funded by The Beljanski Foundation.

The efficacy and lack of toxicity of the Pao pereira extract (as prepared by Dr. Beljanski) on different types of cancer cells and on synergy with chemotherapy has been confirmed by the recent studies.

You can listen to the interview here.

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AMA-Accredited Continuing Medical Education is now available from the Beljanski Foundation. A Natural Approach to Cancer is a one-hour CME webinar presentation that provides AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™. The webinar also covers the cumulative destabilizing effect environmental toxins have on the physical structure of the DNA duplex and its secondary structure and natural non-toxic anti-cancer substances discovered by Mirko Beljanski, PhD that work at the DNA level.

John Hall

How to Live Cancer Free – “Dr. John Hall and Cancer Healing”

bill henderson

Bill Henderson

Listen to the interview:
Interview @ min 27

Bill Henderson interviews Dr. John Hall, the Director of Research for Natural Source.
in New York City. Dr. Hall explains the action of several of their products.
One in particular which Bill has found improved his prostate problems
dramatically is called Prostabel. Dr. Hall also describes Ladybel and
Real Build.

bill henderson

How to Live Cancer Free by Bill Henderson

bill henderson

Bill Henderson

Listen to the interview at
(Interview @ 22:30)

Bill Henderson interviews Dr. L. Stephen Coles, M.D., Ph.D. about his book, Extraordinary Healing, on a unique natural substance for healing cancer. The book covers the work of Dr. Mirko Beljanski, Ph.D., who began researching cellular biology at the Pasteur Institute in Paris in the late 50′s. His discovery of what is called “reverse transcription” within the cell is the basis for substances which seem to be healing both prostate cancer and breast cancer with possible future proof for many other cancers. These two natural plant substances called Pao pereira and Rauwolfiavomitoria act at the cellular level to help the body rid itself of damaged cells. You can find the product called Prostabel which Bill is currently trying, at Natural Source

“You’re not going to hear about this stuff from your Cancer doctor, believe me,” says Bill Henderson of the natural healing resources revealed throughout this episode.  At the beginning of Bill’s interview with Dr. L. Stephen Coles, you’ll hear why Dr. Mirko Beljanski was robbed of the Nobel Prize–and how Dr. Beljanski’s work with DNA, RNA, and RNAi could have set us on a course to a Cancer cure over 50 years ago!  Why was Beljanski’s research set aside?  What did Beljanski really discover?  (And why did it make him so unpopular?)

In the second half of the show, Dental Toxicity takes the stage.  How can your teeth effect your chances of getting Cancer?  Bill Henderson and Dr. L. Stephen Coles share their thoughts on root canals and how you can improve your dental health to prevent the growth of Cancer.

Also featured throughout the episode: The effects of Pao pereira and Rauwolfia vomitoria on men’s prostate.  Are you a man with an enlarged prostate?  Does said prostate inhibit your urination?  If so, you’re not going to want to miss this episode!  (And, Ladies, there’s a women’s product–using the same all-natural plants–that can protect your cells and prevent Breast Cancer!)

The Regulation of DNA Replication and Transcription, 3rd Edition

by Mirko Beljanski, PhD.

Just in time for the 30th anniversary of the 1983 original publication with Karger, this 3rd Edition has been published with scientific commentary and evidentiary support of Mirko Beljanski’s groundbreaking discoveries, given by Dr. Devra Davis, PhD, MPH.

2nd editionIn his pioneering work in France and the U.S. more than half a century ago, Dr. Mirko Beljanski laid the foundation for understanding what today is termed, Epigenetics. Dr. Beljanski studied how external factors can interact directly with DNA causing structural changes and the initiation of cancers without having any impact on the genetic code itself. Beljanski recognized what growing numbers of scientists today understand: environmental factors – including nutrition, patterns of exercise and recreation, and exposure to other external agents – can affect the capacity of cancers to proliferate by inducing physical alterations in the DNA duplex by weakening the capacity of DNA to evade metabolic damage.

Recent studies affirm the value of the ideas that Beljanski elucidated in the last century. The basic processes of DNA replication and transcription are now understood to control whether or not genetic information is damaged or repaired, and when and how it is released or transformed. Understanding that cancer and other chronic diseases arise as a result of complex gene-environment interactions that take place at the level of the epi-genome provides a comprehensive way of linking information about the ways that biology and chemistry influence whether or not cells become malignant and how and when they can be repaired or eliminated. Those who share our concerns with devising better ways to treat cancer will benefit from reading this work, as well as those determined to develop methods to prevent the occurrence of disease altogether.

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Dr. Morton Walker: Cancer’s Cause, Cancer’s Cure

by Dr. Morton Walker

Cancer’s Cause, Cancer’s Cure: The Truth about Cancer, Its Causes, Cures, and Prevention. The scientific discoveries of Mirko Beljanski, Ph.D. written by Morton Walker, D.P.M. – Hugo House Publishers (February 9, 2012)

Cancer's Cause Cancer's Cure by M.WalkerIn this book, Dr. Morton Walker enlightens the public about the breakthrough discoveries of Mirko Beljanski, PhD.
The Environment Can Cause-and Cure-Cancer! Out of the labs of the prestigious Pasteur Institute came decades of research that unlocked the mystery of cancer at the DNA level. But we’re only just now finding out about it.
Finally, here is the truth about how carcinogens really work at the DNA level to cause cancer and the story about how one dedicated microbiologist was determined to find a scientifically proven way to handle cancer that didn’t kill the patient!

Morton Walker, D.P.M., is the author of 2000 clinical articles and 92 published books, 14 of which are bestsellers. Dr. Walker is the recipient of 23 medical journalism awards and was named, “The World’s Leading Medical Journalist Specializing in Holistic Medicine” by the American Cancer Control Society.
What Others are Saying About “Cancer’s Cause, Cancer’s Cure”

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Natural Cancer Cures

Natural cancer cures - bookThe Definitive Guide to Using Dietary Supplements to Fight and Prevent Cancer

Written by the health experts of The Doctor’s Prescription for Healthy Living magazine.

Published in 2008 by Freedom Press, this book delves into the multitude of supplements and natural cures that have had success fighting cancer.

Two chapters are dedicated to the supplements developed by Mirko Beljanski: Prostabel® (a proprietary blend of Pao pereira and Rauwolfia vomitoria) as well as the special RNA fragments formula for immunity.

Extraordinary Healing

by L. Stephens Coles, MD., PhD.

How the discoveries of Mirko Beljanski, the world’s first green molecular biologist, can protect and restore your health

Extraordinary HealingThis book documents the extraordinary story of French researcher Mirko Beljanski, known as the father of environmental medicine. Beljanski’s discovery of destabilized DNA and the specific plant molecules that can help restore DNA to a healthy state and stop pathological cells from replicating have led to many miraculous cures and prolonged survival for thousands of cancer patients, including French President Francois Mitterrand. Previously well-known only in France, Beljanski’s protocols are now gaining popularity in the U.S. and are being used by scientists at Columbia University.

L. Stephen Coles, M.D., Ph.D., an expert on supercentenarians— people who live beyond the age of 110— gives an insightful account of the revolutionary approach to prevention and support pioneered by Beljanski, who spent thirty years at the prestigious Pasteur Institute in Paris.

A compelling tale of a courageous and brilliant researcher, Extraordinary Healing illuminates the promise of specific, natural plant molecules in the restoration and protection of cellular health. It is a must-read for anyone in the field of cancer research.

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The Secret to Long Life in your DNA

The Beljanski Approach to Cellular Health

by Hervé Janecek, Ph.D., and Monique Beljanski

The Secret to Long Life in your DNAThe Secret to Long Life in Your DNA presents the work of Mirko Beljanski, whose innovative research on DNA led to the discovery of new treatments for cancer and other degenerative diseases. The Beljanski method fights disease by targeting damaged or destabilized DNA in the body, allowing cells with healthy DNA to thrive. Beljanski, with his wife Monique, went on to develop natural compounds that enhance the body’s resistance not only to degenerative diseases but also to the effects of environmental toxicity and the ravages of aging.

In this book, the authors build on Mirko Beljanski’s work to demonstrate how physiological and environmental factors both weaken the body’s immune system and alter DNA functioning. They explain how aging exacerbates these effects, leading to cancer and other diseases. The authors then present the innovative compounds Beljanski developed and how they are able to prevent dysfunctional cells from multiplying. They also detail how to integrate essential nutritional strategies for maximizing health and fighting aging at the cellular level.

About the Author(s) of The Secret to Long Life in Your DNA: Hervé Janecek, Ph.D., is the director of a biology laboratory and a clinician who specializes in nutrition, organotherapy, phytotherapy, and traditional Chinese medicine and how these therapeutic strategies can be applied to degenerative disorders and preventive medicine. Monique Beljanski, widow and collaborator of the late Mirko Beljanski (1923-1998).

“DNA Destabilization, Cancer, and Inflammation”

by John L. Hall, PhD., Senior Scientific Advisor, The Beljanski Foundation, Inc.DNA Destabilization, Cancer, and Inflammation

First published in December 2011 as Chapter 6. “DNA Destabilization, Cancer and Inflammation” Anti-Aging Therapeutics Volume XIII, 53-64

For many years the central paradigm of cancer research has been that specific mutations in a critical set of regulatory genes cause the disease. The mutational theory of cancer has been such a gripping paradigm that alternative explanations for carcinogenesis have been slow to develop and gain attention. This paper will introduce an alternative theory of cancer – the theory of DNA destabilization.

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