85 – Cancer/anti-cancer dual action drugs in crown-gall tumors

IRCS Medical Science, 1979, 7, p. 475.

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ABSTRACT: Parallel studies on plant and animal tumor sytems provide insight into the basic cellular mechanisme of tumorogenesis. In the laboratory animals, drugs characterized as mutagens with the Salmonella assay system, as for example cyclophosphamide, may have an antimitotic effect and/or give rise to neoplasms. Various other in vitro carcinogen screening tests have shown that cyclophosphamide and daunorubicin have mutagenic and carcinogenic potencies. We give here a brief summary of the effect of two anticancer drugs, cyclophosphamide (Endoxan) and daunorubicin, on the heritable cellular change in pre-induced Crown-gall tumor development.

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